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What Chinese medicine curative effect does Fu Shen have? The effect and function of Fushen

Poria spirit is the sclerotia of Poria cocos, which belongs to Poria family. The original species of Poria cocos is lower plant, and it is a fungus parasitic on pine tree. The medicinal part is the dry bacterial nucleus. It is sweet and mild in nature and distributed all over the world. So what is the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine? Xiaobian takes you to check the efficacy and function of Fushen.

Method / step:

Treatment of wind vertigo, wind deficiency, Wulao, dry mouth. Stop palpitation, anger and forgetfulness. Be happy and wise, and cultivate spirit.

It is mainly used for convulsion, calming the mind and calming the mind, and tonifying fatigue; it is also used for acute pain and fullness under the main heart, which is harmful to the small intestine. Treat deficiency of heart and shortness of breath, invigorate the spleen and warm the body.

It can cure heart deficiency, blood deficiency, restlessness, confusion and sleepiness: Ginseng (to the head of Lu), Fu Shen (to the wood), astragalus (to be baked with honey), dried Rehmannia (to be washed and baked), Angelica (to be washed and baked), jujube kernel (to be peeled and fried), cinnabar (not to be grinded, half to be used as medicine, half to be dressed).

To cure deficiency, tiredness and restlessness: Fu Shen (to remove wood), ginseng 50 g each, Suanzaoren (stir fried, peeled, don't grind) 250 G. Roughen the three ingredients. Take 15 grams of water for each serving, add half of ginger, pat it to pieces, fry it to seven points, remove the dregs, take warm clothes on an empty stomach, one day, two nights.

Treat restlessness and trance: tuckahen 100g (peeled), Chenxiang 25g. And for the end, refining honey, such as beans. Take 30 pills every time. Take ginseng soup after eating.