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How is pouch formed? What should I pay attention to when I go to the pouch

The pouch on the face not only makes people look listless, but also instantly aged 10 years. There are physiological and life reasons for the formation of pouch. It can also be divided into two categories: congenital and acquired. , the appearance of pouch makes eyes lose luster. What are the reasons for the formation of the pouch? Actually, we should pay attention to these.

1、 What are the reasons for the formation of the pouch? What should we pay attention to when removing the pouch

1: Age factors, with the increase of age, skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and its related structures have degenerative changes, which make the skin thin, elastic and loose, but the fat behind the orbital diaphragm does not shrink, but increases, and protrudes to the relaxed orbital diaphragm skin, that is, the pouch changes.

2: The orbicularis oculi muscle is hypertrophied due to congenital genetic factors, and there are round processes outside the skin, especially when smiling.

3: Degenerative changes of orbicularis oculi muscle of lower eyelid: skin elasticity weakened, relaxation atrophic, etc

4: Irregular work and rest for a long time, such as often staying up late, watching computers, mobile phones, playing games for a long time, local skin relaxation, orbital septum fat puffing, resulting in pouch.

5: The injury of orbicularis oculi and orbital diaphragm is caused by traumatic factors. The fat orbital fat protrudes subcutaneously with the weak skin.

2、 What are the reasons for the formation of the pouch? What should we pay attention to when removing the pouch

1: Ice pack

Apply a frozen towel directly to your eyes. You can also use a clean towel to cover your eyes, wrap ice with plastic wrap, and put it on. This will shrink the blood vessels around the eyes, help the skin around the eyes to reduce swelling, and also inhibit congestion. Ice or frozen towels can also be replaced by frozen tea bags, etc. to the eye bag is the most effective way to the eye bag.

2: Warm compress

Soak the clean and soft towel in warm water, wring it out and spread it on the upper eyelid for 2-3 times. The water temperature should not be too hot. If it is too hot, the skin on the face will relax and wrinkle. Hot compress is helpful to promote local blood circulation. Eye bag removing is the most effective method.

3: Wet eye bag

Chamomile, black tea and so on can not only be used as tea drinks, but also as eye bags. Use chamomile, black tea, etc. There is also heated castor oil or olive oil. Wet the lower pouch for more than 15 minutes every day, which is helpful to solve the pouch problem in the lower part of the eye.

4: Eye application with potato chips

Potato contains catechol enzyme, which is an important component of whitening and freckle removing. Cut the potatoes into thin slices and keep them in the eye bag position for 15-20 minutes, which can reduce the eye bag and fade the dark circles. It's worth noting that germinated potatoes can't be used.

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The formed eye bags need us to recuperate when they are better for us, especially some habits in life. We should pay more attention and improve them. The best way to remove skin problems is to supply sufficient nutrients to the skin.