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How to deal with the problem of social security after the year? Handling methods of post employment

In a flash, the Spring Festival has passed. After the Spring Festival, it is also the peak period for many people to leave. During this period, the social security problem needs to be correctly faced and handled, otherwise it will bring some troubles. Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you how to deal with the social security after resignation!

1、 Go to the new office immediately after leaving

This is the ideal situation, that is to say, I have already found a good family. If the new company is a regular company, social security can be connected seamlessly.

If you care about seamless connection of social security, you need to ask clear social security related questions when looking for a family. For example, if a new company fails to pay social security during the probation period, it must pay for the regular ones, but most private enterprises fail to pay, which needs to be noted.

Secondly, the general salary is paid in the next month last month. If the last salary hasn't been paid after you leave the company, the last month's social security will be paid for you by the previous company, and it can't be transferred out immediately, so when the social security can be transferred into the new company should be confirmed with the previous personnel.

2、 I went to work in my new office after a while

If you don't go to the new unit immediately, the social security will face the problem of payment interruption. The biggest impact of social security cut-off is the qualification of buying a car and buying a house, followed by the treatment of medical insurance and endowment insurance. It's best to find a way to avoid this situation.

In this case, we can temporarily pay for social security through the intermediary agencies of social security. This kind of social security is the same as the normal social security paid at work, and generally pays five insurances and one fund. However, the part of the social security paid by the unit now has to pay by itself. In addition, it has to pay the service fee of the agency, which is higher than the normal work.

In addition to looking for an agent to pay social security, those with a local account can pay social security by themselves, and those who pay social security by themselves can only pay endowment insurance and medical insurance, and go directly to the local social security bureau to go through the formalities.

Well, how to deal with social security after leaving the company is introduced here, hoping to help you.