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What are the family practices of Tangyuan? Delicious and healthy homemade dumplings

Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival. On the day of the Lantern Festival, we have the custom of eating Tangyuan, which means reunion. Are you going to buy a good dumpling today and cook it tomorrow? Why don't you try to learn the homemade dumpling, which is delicious and healthy tomorrow. Come to learn how to make tangyuan.

Home made dumplings

Sweet potato dumpling

Materials: Shuimo glutinous rice flour 100g, Zishu 25g, tangyuan filling: red bean sand powder 40g, coconut 20g, mianbai sugar 20g, lard 10g.

Use warm water to grind glutinous rice flour into dough.

Add in the purple potatoes and knead well. Let stand for 20 minutes.

Red bean sand powder is mixed with warm water, and coconut and soft white sugar are added to make stuffing.

Rub the dough and divide the dosage.

Wrap into dumplings and put them into a hot water pot.

Change the small fire when you open the pot, until you cook the dumpling, you must use the big fire at the beginning. Turn down the heat after boiling, so that the dumplings won't burst.

Glutinous rice balls with jam

Materials: 400g glutinous rice powder, proper amount of jam, 250g warm boiled water, a little sugar.

Mix glutinous rice flour with warm water, knead into a smooth dough, and let stand for 30 minutes.

Then roll into small ball, press into Tangyuan skin, put in jam, carefully slowly wrap and roll into Tangyuan blank.

Boil the water in the pot, put in the dumpling blank, boil until the dumplings are all floating, then boil for a while (you can choose to add a little sugar or not).

Glutinous rice balls with fresh meat

Raw materials: 100g glutinous rice flour, 10g Chengfen, 10g boiled water, 60g-70g cold water.

Filling: 100g pork filling, 25g water, 2G salt and 2G sugar.

Add water, salt and sugar to the fresh meat filling (if you like the raw sauce, you can add about 3 grams, if you like the color darker, you don't need to change the old sauce to about 1 gram).

Use the electric mixer to stir into a sticky shape, or use your hands to beat continuously.

Then divide into about 8 grams of small meatballs.

Add 60-70g of water to glutinous rice flour and make dough, add 10g of boiled water to Chengfen and stir to make paste, then add glutinous rice flour to make dough and divide into 15g of small dosage. Take one of the small preparations and shape it into a small bowl (if there is no clear powder, add 60-70g of water to 100g of glutinous rice flour and knead it into a dough, then take 20g of dough and boil it in water, then put it back into the original dough and knead it evenly).

Put in the meat and wrap the dumplings.

Boil the water in the pot and pour in the dumplings.

Because the meat is raw, cover it and cook it. When the dumpling floats, it will be ready in another minute.

Green tea dumpling

Materials: water milled glutinous rice powder 500g, green tea powder 30g, water 200g, butter 70g, coconut stuffing materials: milk 500g, sugar 200g, Jishi powder 20g (not included), raw powder 50g, butter 50g, egg 1, coconut antler 250g.

Coconut stuffing

Boil the milk with sugar over a low heat.

Mix all the powder and butter into the egg and make a paste.

Stir the batter and slowly pour it into the milk.

Finally, add in the coconut and mix well (keep the fire low, pour slowly or it will easily form a block).

Tangyuan(glutinous rice ball)

Mix the dumpling skin material.

Put a third of the mixed glutinous rice dough in boiling water, and cook it thoroughly, while it is hot, into the previous dough.

After blending, add 50g sugar and mix well.

The glutinous rice dough is divided into several small pieces of rolling round and wrapped with coconut stuffing.

Boil the dumpling and wait for the water to boil before putting it in. Open the lid and boil until it all floats.