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What does the company need for car handling etc? How to deal with company car etc

Etc is a non-stop electronic toll collection system. Etc special lanes are used for vehicles equipped with etc vehicle mounted devices, and electronic toll collection is adopted. What does the company need for car handling etc? How to deal with the company's car etc? Come and have a look.

for the installation of etc by the users of the company, the original and copy of the business license or organization code card, ID card of the operator and vehicle driving license shall be presented to the bank.

For individual users to apply for etc card, they need to go to the bank to apply for 'application form for non-stop toll collection on behalf of Expressway' with ID card and vehicle driving license, and go to the management office to apply for non-stop toll collection with effective 'application form', bank card and above certificates.

Extended data:

Etc (Electronic Toll Collection) is the most advanced road and Bridge toll system in the world. Through the microwave special short-range communication between the on-board electronic label installed on the windshield of the vehicle and the microwave antenna installed on the etc lane of the toll station, the computer networking technology is used to carry out background settlement processing with the bank, so as to achieve the purpose that the vehicle can pay the road and bridge fees without stopping at the road and Bridge toll station.