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Tiktok, lipstick, what brother Li Jiaqi is so angry about? Li Jiaqi's personal data

Tiktok tiktok brother brushed Li Jiaqi's jitter and accidentally stopped, and then he planted three lipsticks and a foundation liquid. He felt the wallet crying. What Li Jiaqi could say was the lipstick on the shaking voice. His position was hard to shake. Why did Li Jiaqi get so angry?

Li Jiaqi's personal data

Born in 1992, Taobao anchor Li Jiaqi has become the 'lipstick brother' among the population. Li Jiaqi, born in Hunan Province, majored in dance at University, became L'Oreal's over-the-counter makeup artist by chance. Later, because of her outstanding business ability, she joined Taobao live and became a popular online anchor. Tiktok has been sucking up many platforms at micro-blog, and the real fire has started.

Live experience

Li Jiaqi, born in 1992, has to broadcast live to 100000 fans in front of the camera every day. However, the reporter of Yangzi Evening News saw him standing in the class of Jiangsu University. He was still a bit restrained. He always stressed to the students who listened: I'm not online red, I'm the host, and I'm a very hard-working host with three views. To the surprise of the college students, Li Jiaqi, a handsome young man, is actually a beauty anchor. Now it's only less than a year since the live broadcast, and there are hundreds of thousands of fans. Li Jiaqi also does not deny that a boy has done a lot of questions and controversies about making beautiful make-up. When he broadcast live, all lipstick, powder, BB cream and eye shadow should be tested on his face.

Li Jiaqi, known as "the first brother of Taobao lipstick", is white and thin, with a hoarse voice. "My throat is not like this, so it's very pleasant to sing. Now live broadcast every day to talk, sing to fans, seven or eight hours in a row, the voice is like this. '


Now, Li Jiaqi has a huge workload. She has to try hundreds of lipsticks in two hours and give her own evaluation. The key point is to be convincing, which is ability. In order to broadcast live, Li Jiaqi also paid a lot. It's nothing to stay up late, work around the clock, and insist on the live broadcast even when you are sick. Almost every day, you go to bed in the early morning. At eight or nine o'clock, you start a new day's arrangement, and continue the live broadcast in the evening. The reason why you can be red is sweat. Lipstick is the most expensive cosmetic product at present. What you need is ability if you want others to remember you and buy it according to your recommendation. Now when it comes to the live color test of lipstick, it's his success to think of Li Jiaqi. Interested little partners can search and follow Li Jiaqi by themselves!