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How long can you wash your face after tattooing? What should I pay attention to when tattooing eyebr

Eyebrow tattoo is the shaping of eyebrows. One of the advantages of eyebrow tattoo is to avoid the trouble of eyebrow every day. So many lazy girls will do eyebrow tattoo in order to save trouble. How long can they wash their faces after eyebrow tattoo? What are the precautions for eyebrow tattoo?

How long can I wash my face after tattooing

Experts said that in fact, do not let your wound be stained with water, not otherwise you wash your face, as long as you effectively avoid the eyebrow area when washing your face, and keep it dry enough. Once you touch the water, you should immediately dry it with clean face paper. There will be scab on the eyebrow part in about three to five days. After it falls off completely, the eyebrow will be as natural and three-dimensional as a winding dragon. That is to say, after five to seven days of complete eschar removal, you can play with water and wash your face as you like. You can also wash your face with mild cleanser. Girls love to mask, but don't rub the mask on the eyebrows, because they just start to recover and avoid the eyebrows.

How long does the effect of eyebrow tattoo last

Here we first understand how long the effect of eyebrow tattooing is better, because we have also found that although the popular trend of eyebrow shape is not better than that of clothing, it is also often changing, such as the former willow leaf eyebrow, now the one word eyebrow. The aesthetic view of the society is changing. If the eyebrow shape of the 1990s is still described, it is very old-fashioned. Therefore, the effect of eyebrow tattooing should not be too long. Once the eyebrow is tattooed, it is difficult to change it in the ordinary way, so it needs to be carefully considered.

What are the precautions after eyebrow tattooing

1. After eyebrow tattooing, the epidermis will scab automatically, and then it will fall off naturally after a few days. You can't peel it with your hands enough to avoid leaving scars.

2. Do not eat seafood or drink alcohol for 1-3 days after eyebrow tattoo to prevent allergic redness and swelling.

3. Patients with diabetes, heart disease, skin allergy or injured hands are not easy to recover, as well as excessive white blood cells, thrombocytopenia and prolonged clotting time.

4. The precautions after eyebrow tattoo include the use of anti-inflammatory drugs (chlortetracycline eye ointment) on the wound surface to avoid infection. It should be used twice a day for three consecutive days.

5. After scabbing, the scab shall fall off by itself to avoid artificial picking off, and to avoid that its color will fall off along with the scab and affect the coloring effect.

6. Do not contact hot water, steam, etc. after scab forming to prevent scab softening, falling off and affecting coloring.

Although eyebrow tattooing is not a complex plastic surgery, it will make the surgical site have a wound. After eyebrow tattooing, we will fully listen to the opinions of plastic surgeons, and try to avoid the infection of the wound after eyebrow tattooing, resulting in eyebrow tattoo failure or other consequences.