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How to return a responsibility after eating pineapple tongue ache? Before eating, you may as well ta

Pineapple is one of the tropical fruits, sweet and sour, so many people like to eat pineapple, but sometimes after eating pineapple, there will be a sore tongue, what is the matter? Is it because of eating pineapple tongue allergy?

How to deal with the pain of pineapple tongue after eating

In addition to vitamin C and sugar, pineapple pulp also contains many organic acids, such as malic acid, citric acid, etc. in addition, it also contains a kind of 'pineapple enzyme', which can decompose protein. If you don't need salt water to soak it first, this enzyme will stimulate the delicate epidermis of our oral mucosa and lips, and make us feel a tingling sensation.

Salt can inhibit the activity of pineapple enzyme. Therefore, when we eat fresh pineapple, it's better to soak it in salt water for a period of time, which can inhibit the stimulation of pineapple enzyme on our oral mucosa and lips, and at the same time, we will feel that pineapple is more sweet. If you have eaten pineapple without salt water, your tongue is tingling. You can drink some salt water, or rinse your mouth with salt water. If you rinse several times, you can relieve the tingling.

Spinach enzyme is a kind of protease, which can decompose protein. Therefore, a small amount of food has the effect of improving appetite, but excessive eating is harmful to the human body and will cause gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, eat in moderation.

What's the secret recipe of pineapple

1. Heat and thirst treatment: pineapple 1, go to the skin, twist juice, cold boiled water. Twice a day.

2. Cure nephritis: pineapple meat 60 grams, fresh grass root 30 grams, water decoct take, daily 2 times.

3. Cure bronchitis: pineapple flesh 120 grams, honey 30 grams, water decoct takes, daily 2 times.

4. Treatment of dyspepsia: pineapple 1 squeeze juice, take 40 ml each time, twice a day.

5. Cure dysentery: peel fresh pineapple and eat it raw twice a day.

6. Pineapple leaf 30g, decoct in water, cure enteritis diarrhea.

7. Maogen pineapple instant drink: 250g of fresh Maogen, after half an hour of water decocting, remove the residue. When the medicine juice is decocting to the thick with a small fire, add 500g of fresh pineapple juice, then decocting to the thick, stop fire and cool, mix 500g of white sugar, dry and crush, bottle for standby, take 10g each time, take it with boiling water, three times a day, it can cure nephritis.