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What are the nutritional values of oranges? Check the function and taboo of orange

orange can be said to be the treasure of the whole body. Meat, skin, collaterals, nuclei and leaves can be used as medicine, which plays an important role in daily life. So what are the nutritional values of oranges? Let's take a look at the functions and taboos of oranges.

nutritional value of Orange:

Orange is warm, sweet and sour. It has the effect of promoting body fluid and relieving cough. It is used for gastrointestinal dryness and heat. It has the effect of stomach diuresis. It is used for abdominal discomfort and dysuria. It has the effect of moistening lung and resolving phlegm. It is suitable for lung heat and cough.

Orange can inhibit Staphylococcus, increase blood pressure, stimulate heart, inhibit gastrointestinal and uterine peristalsis, reduce the fragility of capillaries, and reduce microvascular bleeding.

1. Orange peel is an important medicine for regulating qi, removing dryness, promoting dampness, resolving phlegm, relieving cough, strengthening spleen and stomach;

2. Orange collaterals, that is, the white reticulated silk collaterals on orange flesh, contain a certain amount of vitamin P, have the effects of dredging collaterals, resolving phlegm, regulating qi, eliminating stagnation, etc., which can treat chest distress, costalgia, intercostal neuralgia, etc;

3. It has the function of regulating qi and relieving pain. It can be used to treat colic and lumbago;

4. Orange leaf has the function of soothing liver, and can cure costalgia and mastitis;

5. Orange meat has the functions of appetizing, regulating qi, relieving cough and moistening lung.

Orange pulp is also an important raw material for light industry. It can be processed into cans, preserves, jam, fruitcake, peptone, fructose, juice, wine and other drinks. During processing, pectin, citric acid, hesperidin and essential oil can be extracted. Orange peel can be used as raw material for extracting vitamin A, vitamin P and vitamin C. Orange peel also has many ingenious uses in daily life. It can beautify skin care, clean porcelain with tea rust, deodorize and be used as fertilizer.