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Is a bird's nest the saliva of a swallow? What are the common methods to identify the true and false

Is bird's nest really swallow's saliva? Take you to know the origin of bird's nest from a new perspective! Bird's nest is a kind of more precious food, which has a good nourishing and beautifying effect, and is deeply loved by many women, so how is bird's nest formed?

The origin of bird's Nest: Bird's nest, as the name suggests, is the nest of the swallow and the home where the swallow rests. But not all swallows are called 'bird's nests'. In general, our common swallows are made of mud and weeds. That kind of swallows are mud nests, which are inedible. The real edible bird's nest is a nest made of the saliva of migratory birds called swifts, which is mixed with other substances. This kind of nest is in the shape of a half moon. It looks like fingers close together and half bent. It has a diameter of 6-7cm, a low and thick base, a thin outline wall and a weight of about 10-15g. The nest is neat in appearance and rough in interior, just like the loofah net. The whole bird's nest is white, crystal clear, elastic, attached to the rock cliffs, extremely difficult to pick.

The main producing areas of bird's Nest: Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, islands in the South China Sea.

Edible value of bird's Nest: Bird's nest contains unique protein and high content of bioactive molecules, which can promote the body's metabolism, enhance the body's function, improve the body's immunity, and most importantly, play an antioxidant role. In addition, bird's nest hiccup contains carbohydrates, trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and sodium, which are important factors for promoting body vitality.

Expert reminder:

Nowadays, there are many businesses selling bird's nests in physical stores and on the Internet, so when buying bird's nests, consumers should first look for regular businesses to buy them, and those businesses and consumers who can't provide formal invoices and other procedures without formal industrial and commercial registration should not buy them; secondly, they should try to find some big brands to buy them;

When purchasing bird's nest, please verify whether the business has business qualification -- it should be able to provide formal business registration company qualification, food hygiene license, official invoice corresponding to business registration, and food import and export qualification, so as to effectively prevent the cheating of unscrupulous businesses. In case of problems with the purchased bird's nest, it can effectively trace the responsibility of the business, and once again Remind to avoid buying bird's nest from individuals or unqualified merchants as far as possible, so as to protect their own food safety.

It's so easy to identify the bird's nest

There are three kinds of bird's nests: natural cave swallow, indoor house swallow and processed swallow. Although bird's nests are good, there are often fake and inferior products flooding the market, mainly bleached with chemical reagents to have good looks, artificial bird's nests made of seaweed and fake bird's nests made of starch, etc. these fake products can hardly be true.

Common methods of making bird's nest

1. Staining

Use pigment to dye the swallows that are not selling well and sell them as blood swallows or yellow swallows.

2. Bleaching

Use hydrogen peroxide to bleach all or part of the dark brown or mixed black bird's nests (right picture) to improve their appearance.

The color of a real bird's nest is a little yellow in white, while some bleached bird's nests have a single color, only white.

3. Glue brushing

After the raw materials of bird's nest are roughened, there will be many gaps on the surface of the bird's nest. Illegal merchants will mix potato flour, fish glue, pectin, pigskin glue, seaweed glue, Auricularia auricula glue and resin on the surface of the bird's nest to make the bird's nest look bright, thick and dense, and increase its weight, so as to obtain higher profits.

4. Patching

Mix the poor quality feather swallow, grass swallow and swallow cake into the good quality bird's nest.

Preliminary identification of "hope, smell, touch and burn"

1. Hope

By naked eyes, the middle part of the bird's nest is filiform structure, and the part of the swallow's horn is lamellar structure. The pure bird's nest is not completely transparent after being soaked or viewed under the light, but translucent (as shown below). Compared with the dry weight, the weight of the bird's nest after soaking can reach 6-8 times (hair), while some bird's nests coated with glue can't bubble up, and the hair can't even reach 3 times, and the surface is smooth without natural small gaps.

2. Smell

Bird's nest has a unique fragrance, but no strong smell. Special smell, fishy or greasy taste is fake.

3. Touch

Take a small piece of bird's nest and soak it in water. When it's soft, take a silk strip and pull it. Touch it with your fingers. If it's not elastic, it's a fake. If it's rubbed with your fingers, it's also a fake. But there is no elasticity after full development. If there is good elasticity, it will be false.

4. Burn

Ignite the dry bird's nest with fire, and there is a slight splash of sparks. This is the result of protein combustion. The ash is black, not white gray.