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What are the interesting riddles of Lantern Festival 2019? Lantern Festival lantern riddles and the

Every year's Lantern Festival riddle guessing activities will be men, women, old and young are interested in participating in the activities. This is also the most popular traditional activity of Lantern Festival. This year's Lantern Festival is coming. Let's continue the tradition of guessing riddles and continue guessing. Next we will bring the riddles and answers of the Lantern Festival 2019. You can use them for this year's Lantern Festival.

Riddles and answers of Lantern Festival 2019

Lantern riddles

Mystery: imprison 'Zhang Xueliang'

Enigma: (guessing the literati of Yuan Dynasty)

Mystery: Guan Hanqing

The Xi'an incident shocked China and foreign countries. Zhang Xueyong, a young commander in Northeast China, forced Chiang Kai-shek to cooperate with the Communist Party of China to achieve a generation of great achievements, but he was also under house arrest for decades. The mystery stems from this historical event. Naturally, there is no need to talk about the word "imprisoned" corresponding to "Guan" in the riddle, but the key lies in whether you know it: Zhang Xueliang, the word "Hanqing"; as long as you know it, the riddle is clear, but this "Hanqing" is not that "Hanqing".

Riddle: meet with "broken bridge"

Enigma: (guess the nickname of the characters in Shuihu)

Mystery: the white faced man

Analysis: this riddle is based on the Peking Opera legend of white snake, which is the white lady. After the water flooded Jinshan Temple, it met with Lang junxu at the West Lake Bridge. People who know the story of "meeting each other through a bridge" should first think of the protagonist Bai Niangzi when guessing a riddle. When the word "Bai" appears in the riddle eye, the riddle will be solved. The meaning of the riddle is: Bai (Niangzi) Mian (see) Lang Jun (Xu Xian).

Riddle: directions for using 'eye drops'

Enigma: (play idiom 1)

Mystery: eye catching

Analysis: the riddle eye of this riddle is the word "attention". The key to solve this riddle is the "eyedrop" on the riddle surface. When using eyedrops, all of them raise their heads and drop them into their eyes. This is the most appropriate action to describe with 'eye-catching'.

Riddle: break into the wall and steal

Enigma: (play idiom 1)

Mystery: chisel the wall and steal the light

Analysis: because there are few equivalent words of "stealing", it's easy to guess the word "stealing" first, and then the phrase "stealing light" will be given out by "stealing all" together. Looking back at the first half of the riddle, it's not difficult to think of "wall" from "wall". By this time, I'm afraid that the idiom "stealing light by digging a wall" has flashed in the brain, and it's just a riddle to correspond to the riddle.

Enigma: a chicken's home

Enigma: (guess common sayings)

The answer: poor man

Analysis: from the understanding of "chicken son", we can get the answer "egg". If there is only one egg left in the household, it must be a poor man. So far, the three words "poor egg" are out. Hold on to the horse's feet exposed by the riddle, and approach it layer by layer, forcing the riddle to reveal its origin. Here, the scanning thinking is put into full play.

Mystery: why is the examination room not allowed to have the same table

Enigma: (guess the health term)

Mystery: prevention of myopia

Explanation: this riddle is written on the meaning of the word: myopia in the riddle was originally a disease name. After entering the riddle, the meaning of the word will be converted into "close to see". The original "prevention of myopia" has now become "prevention of close to see (plagiarism).".

Enigma: sub

Enigma: (play idiom 1)

Answer: it's hard to say

Analysis: add another 'mouth' to the 'sub' of riddle, and it will become 'dumb'. 'dumb' is hard to speak.

China Lantern Festival

2019 Lantern Festival classic lantern riddle

Riddle: New Year's Eve brings good news

Mystery: Victory every day

Enigma: clear reflection of the moon on the high platform (typing 1)

Mystery: Tan

Enigma: the hidden layer of clouds leads the way to the moon (typing 1)

Mystery: crumbs

Riddle: family welcomes Lantern Festival

Answer: Section 2

Enigma: the white sugar plum is really rare (hit a food)

Mystery: Lantern Festival

Riddle: making lantern festival

Mystery: busy

Riddle: around the Lantern Festival (Modern Novels)

Mystery: February

Riddle: the recovery of Lantern Festival (number of rhymes)

Mystery: 14 cold

Mystery: meet Xu Niang on the night of the Lantern Festival

Mystery: fat woman

Riddle: busy cooking on the 15th day of the first month (Zhongli double beads)

Mystery: Lantern Festival & midnight; breakfast & midnight; fire

Enigma: on the 15th day of the first month, you can have a tooth sacrifice

Answer: once a year

Riddle: 15th (typing 1)

Mystery: fat

Lantern Festival Lantern

Riddle: go out and enjoy the Lantern Festival (as the saying goes)

Mystery: layman watching

Enigma: a faint sound of apes outside the garden, and a small bridge of stars and moons listening to the sound of Xiao (Festival anniversary)

Mystery: Lantern Festival

Enigma: here and now (Drama)

Mystery: the mystery of Lantern Festival

Riddle: one night fish and dragon dance (folk custom words)

Mystery: Lantern Festival

Riddle: Lantern Festival in Spring Festival (name of newspaper)

Mystery: half moon talk

Riddle: the wedding date is set after the Lantern Festival

Mystery: overjoyed

Riddle: coal ball is the same as Lantern Festival

Mystery: confusing black and white

Riddle: Lantern Festival

Mystery: one day, one night

Riddle: after the Lantern Festival, there are many good news

Mystery: overjoyed

Riddle: return home with the Lantern Festival

Riddle: what is expected

Riddle: willow shoots after Lantern Festival

Riddle: out of the box

Riddle: Lantern Festival

Mystery: no night city, hometown

Riddle face: lantern riddle can guess the Lantern Festival

Answer: the first night

Riddle: don't bother with Lantern Festival

Answer: don't correct

Riddle: the Lantern Festival lights are dim

Answer to the riddle: look out for more

Riddle face: watch lantern riddles (beat people's name 2)

Mystery: Zhang Jie, Wen Hu

Riddle: xiaomaotou date: 8:00 p.m. on the Lantern Festival (Poetry)

Mystery: when I was a teenager