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How do you get tiktok special effects? How to draw wedding dress effect by hand

Tiktok tiktok tiktok: many love to play the jitter. Many netizens find many interesting app on the shaking. Recently, many girls love to play special effects on wedding dress. So do you know how to do the special effects of jitter wedding dress? Let's see what you look like with your headdress on.

Wedding dress painting without software:

Tiktok mobile phone is suitable for Apple mobile phones, and requires higher requirements for the painter. Beginners can copy the video of shaking and draw.

(1) Use the memo editing function of the phone

Step 1: open 'photo', and then open a life photo to be used to draw wedding dress.

Step 2: click the up arrow in the lower left corner of the photo, then select 'add to memo', and click 'store'.

Step 3: open the photo just saved in the memo, select the brush function, and then sketch the photo with the appropriate brush and color.

(2) Use the phone's own photo editing function

Step 1: open 'photos' to find a suitable photo of personal life.

Step 2: click "Edit" in the upper right corner of the photo, select the three dots next to restoration, and then click "mark". Then you can select different brushes to sketch the wedding dress (the brushes can change colors).

A wedding dress painting tutorial that requires software:

1. Use beautiful pictures

This is the easiest way to draw wedding dresses in all the tutorials, but the styles of wedding dresses are the same, and it's easy to 'bump' with other people's wedding dresses. The specific operation method is as follows:

Open the beauty show, choose a photo to beautify, and then in the sticker, choose the wedding dress and headscarf effect. Finally, save the generated photos and make videos together with the original photos. 2. Use Meiyi

'PicsArt, the photo editor of Mei Yi, can make detailed pictures of the photos. The beautiful and tiktok wedding dress on the shaking is basically made by this software. The official Weibo of 'picsart Meiyi photo editor' has a detailed tutorial on wedding dress painting, which can be operated with the video.

matters needing attention:

If you need to make video tiktok, there are two ways:

1. You can record the screen before hand painting, and then clip and score the video recorded.

2., you can add video pictures of the wedding dress before and after using the video software (VUE, Vidioleap, Yishan) to make the video, then add the appropriate background music to the video and upload it to the tiktok.