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How does the man kidney do? How to protect your kidney

How does the man kidney do? Kidney as one of the important organs in the five Zang Fu organs, what are the manifestations of kidney bad? How to protect your kidney and make it more active is something everyone needs to know. Let's have a look.

Method / step:

Don't eat too sweet or too oily food. Studies have shown that overweight and obesity in adolescence are closely related to the high risk of kidney failure in middle age. Eating too much oil and too sweet is easy to cause obesity, while obese people suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes, which will indirectly lead to kidney disease.

Don't stay up late often. Stay up too long, sleep time can not be guaranteed, and long-term lack of sleep, will cause rapid decline in renal function, especially in women. Studies have shown that people who sleep less than five hours a night have a 65% higher rate of kidney failure than those who sleep seven hours a night.

You can't drink less water and hold your urine. In order to save time or other reasons, many people try to drink less water at work, and do not often go to the toilet, resulting in the body's water intake is too small, and the formation of crystals in urine leads to kidney stones.

Don't eat too salty. 95% of the salt in the diet needs to be metabolized by the kidney. If you eat too much salt, it will increase the burden on the kidney, which will lead to kidney disease.

Do not blindly tonify the kidney. Many people think that it's good for the kidney to take Chinese medicine or food for tonifying the kidney. In fact, it's not. As long as it's a normal kidney, there's no need to mend it. It's said that it's not enough. That's the truth.

Don't drink drinks as water. Drink contains sugar, phosphate, caffeine and other ingredients will promote calcium excretion, calcium in urine will form more stones. Sports drinks contain extra electrolytes and salts, which can affect the kidney.