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Latest box office statistics of tramp earth box office forecast

As of 24:00 on the 15th, the box office of "Tramp earth" has exceeded 3.4 billion yuan (including pre-sale box office), which is also higher than that of "Chinatown detective 2" in the Spring Festival last year, ranking third in the box office of Chinese film history. So what do you think will be the final box office?

Top 5 box office of Chinese films

1. Wolf 2 5.68 billion

2. Red Sea Action 3.65 billion

3. 3.4 billion (24:00 on the 15th, including pre-sale)

4. "Chinatown detective 2" 3.39 billion

5. Mermaid 3.38 billion

"Wandering the earth" is directed by Guo fan and starred by Qu chuxiao, Li Guangming, Wu Mengda and Zhao Jinmai. The film was released in mainland China on February 5, 2019 (the first day of the Lunar New Year). After its release, it has received continuous praise.

It's worth noting that "Tramp earth" was released on February 5, and on February 7, it became the champion of a single day from the 4th day of a single day! Previous analysis suggested that the 125 minute film length and disaster science fiction theme of "Tramp earth" were not conducive to film layout, and relying on word-of-mouth communication became the primary strategy of the film.

In European and American science fiction films, the earth is facing the disaster of extinction. Most of them will make large-scale spaceships and lead people to escape from the earth. In "wandering the earth", people choose to install engines directly for the earth and push the whole earth away from the solar system. This kind of science fiction film with the concept of "Hometown" and "home" of Chinese people makes the domestic fans who love science fiction crazy to swipe the screen.

It is worth noting that the production cost of "vagrant earth" is 50 million US dollars (about 320 million RMB). Many Chinese and foreign media have also paid attention to it. The New York Times directly wrote an article entitled "Chinese film finally joined the space race". In addition, Liu Cixin's film and television adaptation of many novels has been put on the agenda, and the market enthusiasm for exploring the type of domestic science fiction has increased.

However, the wandering earth still has many troughs. For example, building a reverse engine on the earth, being captured by Jupiter's gravity, and common sense of life in the space capsule cannot stand deep research.

After the success of selling houses and investing in the movie "wolf 2", Wu Jing became famous in the Chinese film circle. At that time, the box office of wolf 2 broke 800 million yuan in three days, and the final box office was 5.68 billion yuan.

Before the release of this wandering earth, it was said that Wu Jing had only about 10 minutes of drama, but judging from the film, Wu Jing's drama increased greatly, and its name was listed as a special thanks at the end of the film.

Domestic science fiction films finally set sail this year. "Wandering the earth" is a science fiction film that let Liu Cixin, the original author, watch in tears. From 0:00 on the 7th to 8:00 p.m., the box office has reached 308 million yuan. There is no doubt that he won the one-day box office title and "overspeed" to complete the box office counterattack. According to this, it's only a matter of time before the film won the box office in Spring Festival. According to the prediction of several institutions, the film is expected to eventually win more than 4 billion 500 million yuan at the box office.