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What are the popular Korean dramas in 2019? List of popular Korean dramas in 2019

For many girls, are they very keen to watch Korean dramas? The handsome men and beautiful women in Korean dramas are really quite eye-catching, so what new Korean dramas will be broadcast in 2019? Let's get to know the latest list of Korean dramas in 2019.

2019 latest Korean drama ranking

1. Touch the heart

Ghost CP Return! Remember the dead and alive hell emissary and the owner's wife of the fried chicken shop who loved in the ghosts? This time, Li Dongxu and Liu Yinna worked together to reach out to their hearts again, describing the story of the female star involved in the drug scandal who went to the lawyer's office indirectly to practice in order to return to the screen. The content of the first two episodes immediately attracted the attention of the editor, which can be said to be romantic and also romantic Funny love comedy! I also hope they will rub more pink bubbles.


It's believed that many people fall in love with Zhu Zhixun after "walking with God" like the matchmaking. Zhu, who hasn't appeared on the small screen for a long time, recently returned and brought two works, one is the costume drama "Li Shi Korea" and the other is the "item" premiered on the 11th, which mainly tells the mysterious story developed by a couple of men and women with super power special items and intertwined fate.

3. Dazzling

Nanzhuhe, a former "south" friend who was not warm enough in the weight lifting goblin, is the leading actor, with a fresh European villain, Han Zhimin, as the leading actor. It's a fantasy story developed with the theme of crossing time and space, in which Han Zhimin and Jin Huizi will play the same role of different ages. How can this fantasy story develop? It's also a story that people are looking forward to 。

4. Appendix to romance volume

Starring Li zhongshuo and Li naiying, although set by Cinderella and prince charming, the hostess really lives a miserable life on her own. The heroine's character is really liked. She also has her own ideas about work and her life. She is also slowly adjusting her mind. She is really growing up step by step with her own ability. The play is co produced by director Li Zhengxiao of life on Mars and screenwriter Zheng Xianzhen of discovery of love. The story takes the publishing house as the background, tells about the growing up of the male and female protagonists together, and gradually feels their feelings for each other with the passage of time.

5. Kingdom

Awesome, a dead alive person, and a cast of actors, the zombie style is the same as the rampant. It is a night's crazy day latent, unlike a dead alive person who patrols in the daytime, and the ability of movement is significantly higher than that of a dead man. It tells that in a kingdom full of corruption and famine, mysterious rumors about the king's death are in full swing. At the same time, a strange plague spreads, and infected people can get immortal body and eat human flesh. The crown prince, who became the victim of the plot, began to expose the evil plot and save the people.