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How to do the handwritten newspaper of the Lantern Festival in kindergarten? Handwritten report on L

How do kindergartens do about the Lantern Festival? First of all, they should be simple and easy to understand. The children in kindergartens are young and their understanding ability is limited, so the poetry of the Lantern Festival is difficult for them to understand, so our 2019 Lantern Festival children's kindergarten only chooses the custom of the Lantern festival that they can see and touch to explain.

Handwritten report on Lantern Festival in 2019 kindergarten

Simple handwritten newspaper on Lantern Festival

The legend of Yuanxiao girl

Dongfangshuo, the favorite of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, is funny and kind. One winter I went to the imperial garden to enjoy the plum blossom. I met a palace maid who wanted to throw herself into the well. After dongfangshuo rescued him, he asked the reason. Originally, the maid was called yuanxiao. She missed her family for a long time after entering the palace, so she thought of suicide. Dongfang Shuo sympathizes and agrees to help. Dongfangshuo set up a stall for divination. Everyone asked for divination and it turned out to be "the 16th day of the first month, the fire burned the body". Chang'an city was in a panic. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty asked Dongfang Shuo for advice. Shuo said: 'Chang'an is robbing the Imperial Palace, burning it for 15 days, and burning it for a night. "It was explained that on the 15th night of the first month, every family hung a lantern to eat the Lantern Festival. People outside the city went to the city to watch the lantern, which was like a fire in the city, to hide the Jade Emperor. So on the 15th night of the first month, the parents of the Lantern Festival went to the city to watch the lights. With the help of Dongfang Shuo, the next family finally reunited.

The custom of Lantern Festival

1. Eat 'Lantern Festival'

It is a long-standing custom in China to eat yuanxiao on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Yuanxiao is "Tangyuan". Its ingredients and flavors are different, but the meaning of eating Yuanxiao is the same. It represents reunion and beauty. The days are more and more prosperous. As the saying goes, harmony makes money. Family harmony and family reunion are very important factors for a complete family. Therefore, we must eat 'Yuanxiao' with our family on the Lantern Festival.

Manuscript of the Lantern Festival kindergarten

2. Lantern Festival

"Sending lanterns" is short for "sending lanterns". In fact, the essence of it is sending lanterns to children. That is, before the Lantern Festival, the parents send lanterns to the newly married daughter's home, or ordinary relatives and friends send lanterns to the newly married infertility's home, in order to add auspicious omens, because 'Lantern' and 'ding' are homophonic. I hope my daughter will have a bright future after marriage and give birth to Linzi as early as possible. If she is pregnant, she should send one or two pairs of small lanterns in addition to the palace lamp to wish her daughter a safe pregnancy.

3. Dragon Lantern Festival

Dragon is the totem of China. The Chinese nation advocates dragon and regards dragon as a symbol of auspiciousness. Dragon lantern dancing on the 15th day of the first month, the joyful atmosphere of singing and dancing, spreads in many places.

4. Lion dance in Lantern Festival

Lion dance, also known as "Lion Dance", "lion lamp" and "Lion Dance", is often performed in festivals and festive activities. The lion is a auspicious animal in the eyes of Chinese people, symbolizing good luck and good luck. Thus, in lion dance activities, it is the good will of the people to eliminate disasters and seek auspiciousness.

A simple manual report template

5. Guessing lantern riddles on Lantern Festival

Every Lantern Festival, riddles are played everywhere. I hope this year will be happy and safe. Because riddles can enlighten wisdom and have great interest, they are popular among all walks of life. In Tang and Song Dynasties, various acrobatics began to appear in the lantern market. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, in addition to riddles and dances, there were also opera performances.

6. Walking on stilts on Lantern Festival

Stilts are usually organized by the masses. On the 11th and 12th of the first month, people began to step on the street, which means that in many folk Flower Fairs, a number will be hung this year. On the 15th day of the first month, it officially went on the streets until the 18th party.

7. All diseases on Lantern Festival

It is an activity of eliminating disasters and praying for health. On the night of the Lantern Festival, women make an appointment to travel together. When they see the bridge, they will cross it. They think that this can cure diseases and prolong life.