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How to reimburse medical insurance in different places? Reimbursement process of long-term living re

If we are going to live in other places for a long time, we'd better move most of the things in our original places to new places, such as health insurance. Do you know how to reimburse for long-term living remote medical insurance? In order to help you better understand the relevant knowledge, I compiled the content about remote medical insurance reimbursement, hoping to help you.

1、 How to reimburse medical insurance for long-term living in different places

1. If the medical insurance wants to be reimbursed in other places, it needs to go to the designated department of the insured location to apply for and file. There are certain requirements for the living time in other places, and temporary residence permits need to be provided in other places. This process is relatively cumbersome, and many people may not be able to apply for it, or it is cumbersome for you to give up on your own initiative.

2. Not every hospital can use medical insurance from other places. Some hospitals will be designated in a city, more in big cities and less in small cities. However, it can basically ensure that there is at least one hospital in each city regardless of its size. Hospitals not in this range cannot directly settle accounts.

3. The reimbursement rate of remote medical insurance is generally lower than that of the same level hospitals in the insured areas. Some regions may increase the out of pocket reimbursement ratio, reduce the reimbursement ratio, and set the maximum reimbursement limit. Generally speaking, it is lower than the medical expense reimbursement ratio of the insured area.

2、 What is reimbursement

It means to write off the damaged and voided items. It also means to make a list of the collected funds or income and expenditure accounts and report them to the superior for verification.

The above is how to reimburse the medical insurance and what the process is after you go to other places, but not every hospital can use the medical insurance of other places. I hope my answer will help you!