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How to deal with five insurances and one fund after employees leave? How to transfer endowment insur

Many companies will handle five insurances and one fund for employees. The payment method of five insurances is shared by the company and employees. But if an employee wants to leave the company, he will not continue to pay five insurances. What should he do with five insurances and one fund after leaving? How should he transfer his pension insurance?

How to deal with five insurances and one fund before leaving

1、 Transfer procedures of endowment insurance

The Interim Measures on the transfer and continuation of the basic endowment insurance relationship of urban enterprise employees stipulates that the endowment insurance adopts the "double transfer" mode & lt; full transfer of individual part, 12% of the transfer payment base of the overall part (i.e. the company part), equivalent to 60% of the overall part & gt; , the transfer procedures are as follows: the first step is to carry relevant supporting materials including the insured's resident identity card, certificate of termination of labor relations, resident household register, etc., and print the basic endowment insurance payment certificate to the current local social security agency; The second step is to take all these procedures, fill in the transfer connection application form and apply to the social security institution in the transfer place. Since then, there is no need to worry about other matters. The social departments of the new and old insured places will deal with the transfer. As long as the review is passed, the insured will receive the notice of completion of transfer from social security department 45 working days later.

2、 Medical insurance account can be transferred with people

According to the Interim Measures for transfer and continuation of basic medical security relationship of migrant workers issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security, from July 1, 2010, migrant workers can transfer their medical insurance relationship when they are employed across provinces, and their personal accounts can be transferred with the transfer. According to the provisions of the interim measures, when workers leave their jobs and go to new cities for employment, they can join the local basic medical insurance for urban workers. The social security agency in the new employment place will notify the social security agency in the original employment place to handle the transfer procedures. The workers will no longer enjoy the basic medical insurance treatment in the original employment place. The original employment place will issue the insurance certificate for future reference while suspending the insurance procedures. At the same time, the balance of individual account is transferred through the insurance agency. This means that you don't have to worry about any transfer of medical insurance relationship as long as you provide enough real insurance information when you participate in medical insurance in the new employment place.

3、 Work injury and maternity insurance

These two kinds of insurance belong to the insurance type of "pay in the current period and enjoy in the current period", and there is no transfer problem.

4、 Unemployment insurance transfer

According to the regulations on unemployment insurance, if enterprises and institutions in cities and towns transfer from one planned area to another and the unemployed move from one planned area to another, the relationship of unemployment insurance will be transferred accordingly. If it is necessary to go through the formalities, the on-the-job employees shall go through the formalities for the transfer of unemployment insurance relationship at the agency accepting the unemployment insurance business of the original unit. The insurance and payment certificate of the employees shall be issued by the agency, and the employees shall continue the unemployment insurance relationship with the unemployment insurance agency in the place where they move in without transferring funds. If the unemployed are transferred across the province during the period of receiving the unemployment insurance benefits, the certificate shall be issued by the agency in the place of moving out. The unemployed shall continue the unemployment insurance relationship with the agency in the place of moving in according to the certificate and the manual of employee unemployment insurance, and receive the unemployment insurance benefits according to the standard in the place of moving in, without transferring funds. If the unemployed move across provinces, the agency in the place of moving out shall issue a certificate and transfer the required funds. The unemployed shall continue the unemployment insurance relationship with the agency in the place of moving in on the strength of the certificate and capital transfer procedures.

5、 Housing purchase of provident fund in other places can only be withdrawn at one time

According to the regulations, if an individual works in other places, if his work unit in other places has established a housing accumulation fund account for him, then he can transfer all the amount in the housing accumulation fund account in the original place of residence to the housing accumulation fund account in other places. When handling, the employee needs to provide the transfer in unit receiving certificate, the certificate of establishing housing fund in the transfer in place, the transfer in bank account number, the name of the account opening bank, the copy of the employee's ID card and other relevant materials to the original unit in the original residence, and apply to the account opening management department through the housing fund agent of the original unit. (due to regional differences, different provinces and cities will be different. For details, please consult the local social security bureau and provident fund management center, subject to the official answer. )

Through the above explanation, we can learn that pension insurance can be transferred if you resign, and if you don't find a new job, social security can be temporarily waived. These are the relevant contents compiled for you. I hope they can help you.