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How to raise more meat without dying? Practical skills sharing of multi meat cultivation

Although the fleshy plant is called "lazy plant", it is still difficult for the novice who just entered the pit to raise. Although fleshy plants are easy to raise, it is not difficult to raise them. When the novice enters the pit to raise fleshy plants, he can start from these four points, which can greatly improve the survival rate of fleshy plants!

1. Variety

Although we often say that we need to buy more meat and we like it, if we like some expensive goods and meat that are hard to keep, we'd better not buy them directly at the beginning. We can first buy some good ones, most of them are good, and the casualties are not very serious. After we have experience, we can keep more expensive goods and meat that we like, so there won't be so many casualties 。

2. Time

Spring and autumn are the growth season of meat. The temperature is suitable. The growth of meat is very vigorous. It's also a good season to buy more meat. Novices can buy more meat in these two seasons. The service basin will be faster. It's too hot in summer and too cold in winter, which are not conducive to the multi meat service basin. Therefore, the time to buy more meat should be selected.

3. Handling

We need to treat the root system for the bought fleshy. A strong root system is the root of the fleshy growth. We need to clean and trim the root system. If there are dry leaves on the top, we also need to clean them. Apply some carbendazim on the wound, and then plant it after the wound is healed.

4. Basin soil

The fleshy seedlings just bought have a large demand for water, so the soil should have some water conservation properties. The proportion of peat soil can be more appropriate to prevent the root system from drying up. The flowerpot should not be too small or too large. The diameter of the flowerpot is two or three centimeters larger than the fleshy seedlings. The too small flowerpot will hinder the growth of the root system. The too large flowerpot can not grasp the water quantity well, and is not conducive to the fleshy growth.

We can normally maintain the meat after the multi meat service basin. Most of the meat prefers light. It's better to move it out and raise it in the open. But if the temperature is not suitable, we should first put it in the room for maintenance. You have been raising more meat for several years. At the beginning, there were not many casualties?