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The recommended price or quality of the cheap lipstick is not good enough

Lip gloss is never too much! From the collocation of the glossy lipstick in the spring and summer to the necessary fog face and lip gloss in autumn and winter, every important occasion must be matched with different lipsticks. The color of lipstick also affects the whole person's complexion. The lip gloss that we want to introduce today is the special edition of the special edition, which needs to be colored every day and must be glossy to be foggy.

Excel glaze balm lip

Glossy Japanese gloss is quite exquisite, EXCEL series is not disappointing, the water luster and glossy color, low tone to the black shell, collocation with golden LOGO, whether appearance or lipstick do not lose the special sense of the cabinet! Even the title of the SUQQU version of the parity version, the color of this series are more common colors, whether it is usual work. Classes are very easy to start with, this is also just listed in Japan!

Flormar dangerous Paris luxurious velvet lipstick

French par Flormar, the dangerous Paris luxury velvet lipstick, is very much coloured in autumn and winter. In particular, this series of broken goods king DC29 is the most effective pumpkin color in autumn and winter. The texture of velvet noodles is not marked with lip wrinkles, smooth and not stuck. It is definitely the first choice for girls to accept the foggy lipstick.

Wakemake zero color difference

Korean lip gloss expert Wakemake came to Taiwan last year to launch different colors of lip gloss, and foggy lipstick is most afraid of uneven color. But this one does not have this problem. The lip gloss of the foggy face is comparable to that of Xiaoxiang. 06 peach rosy rosy colors are just like the rosy feeling of petals blooming, which is very suitable for girls with fair complexion.

1028 Lip Gloss Lipstick

The colors introduced in this series are all super compact MLBB color systems. A single color can be included for less than 300 yuan. The simple logo matching with the shell of the fog surface looks very textured in the open shelf makeup. 06 the Earth Goddess discussed how to turn it off on the community platform. The soil color of the shimmering and lustrous feeling has become temperament when rubbed.

BBIA Lip Glaze

The Lip Glaze with foggy makeup is one of Han Niu's signboards. This BBIA's lips and enamel are light and light, such as a layer of mist gauze on the lips, color saturation, painting lip biting or rubbing with other lipsticks.