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Which red mobile phones are suitable for women? High color red mobile phone recommendation

Because of nature, red is also the preferred color for many female consumers, especially in the black and white gray Street mobile phone circle, red has become a new scenic spot. In 2019, mobile phone manufacturers have launched different red mobile phones. Are you ready to buy one for your mother or girlfriend?

OPPO R17 Pro

Reference price: 4299 yuan

Oppo R17 Pro New Year's edition is a version specially launched for the new year. It adopts the Chinese unique red color as the color matching, which is very eye-catching and distinctive. Besides, there are auspicious clouds and little golden pigs as embellishments below. Besides red, the back is inlaid with copper around the camera, which is very beautiful.

The rear camera of r17-r17 Pro New Year's Edition adopts a golden frame, and a little copper is added to the 24K gold to blend into a warmer golden color, and decorate the frame of R17 and R17 Pro New Year's Edition cameras. This careful overall design reflects oppo's intention and unique aesthetic inspiration. The overall exquisite feeling is explosive and very festive. There is a auspicious cloud golden pig under the back of R17 Pro New Year's edition, which offers sincere wishes for the coming golden pig year. Xiangyun golden pig adopts the traditional gilding method, and it is made up of a pig representing wealth and a pig representing auspicious cloud. The floating layer streamer etching technology makes Xiangyun golden pig more eager to come out. The gradual cloud print is used under the Xiangyun golden pig, which is a traditional paper-cut art, interweaving Xiangyun and the golden pig, presenting the unique rhythm of the new year.

Click the picture to see the details of oppo R17 pro's New Year Edition. The parameters of the new year edition are basically the same as those of the general one, all of which are designed with 6.4-inch water drop screen. The main difference is that oppo R17 uses Qualcomm snapdragon 670 chip, 16 million + 5 million AI dual cameras behind, and 3500mah battery inside; However, oppo R17 Pro uses Qualcomm snapdragon 710 chip, and the rear is designed with 12 million + 20 million + TOF 3D stereo camera, with 3700mah battery. In addition, oppo R17 Pro supports supervooc super flash charging.

Huawei Nova 4 high configuration version

Reference price: 3399 yuan

Strictly speaking, this honeyed red is the result of the collision of various processes and colors. It takes raspberry red as the background color in the popular color system, which is excessive with a little purple at the bottom of the fuselage, so that a variety of different colors can be seen on a mobile phone. The surface of the fuselage is treated with special double-layer coating. When encountering light, it will produce color twill, full of vitality and mystery, as if the hazy beauty of nature, with red as the main color, reflecting everyone's expectation for the new year.

Huawei's nova4 is a 6.4-inch pole comprehensive screen with 2310 * 1080 resolution on the front. It adopts the off screen lens technology developed by Huawei, accounting for 86.3% of the screen. It is equipped with Kirin 970 processor, 8GB + 128GB large storage combination, and runs Android 9 system; The battery capacity is 3750mah, and it is equipped with 9V / 2A fast charging technology, which supports more apps running at the same time in the background, and also equipped with the new upgraded GPU turbo graphics acceleration technology. It is worth mentioning that Huawei nova4 has also upgraded the AI voice assistant Xiaoyi, a new comprehensive screen gesture navigation, food calorie recognition function, as well as the royalty free and limited use of customized theme.

In terms of pixels, the most concerned is that it will adopt the imx586 main camera component with 48 million pixels. There is no doubt that this is one of the biggest selling points of nova4, even more than its' digging 'attention. But the '48 megapixel launch' is only the high configuration model corresponding to nova4, while the standard model only has 20 megapixel main camera + 16 megapixel super wide angle + 2 megapixel depth of field configuration, but it is also very practical. Nova4 has a front lens pixel of 25 million, and is equipped with Sony imx576 sensor. It has f2.0 large aperture and hardware level HDR Pro function. Even in the backlight environment, it can easily take a self portrait with clear background.

Apple iPhone x R

Reference price: 5399 yuan

Compared with other color versions, the red version of iPhone x R is relatively more popular. The red version also gives people a sense of jubilation. Besides jubilation, it is also very bright.

A 6.1-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1792 * 828 is used on the front of the iPhone, and P3 wide color gamut and true tone primary color display technology are supported. The quality and strength of the LCD screen are very good. In terms of the material of the fuselage, the front and rear double glass and aluminum alloy middle frame are used, and the feel is quite good. In terms of color matching, the iPhone XR brings six colors: white, black, red, yellow, blue and coral, providing users with more choices. In terms of performance, Apple's A12 processor is used in iPhone XRS, which is the first 7Nm commercial solution in the world. It uses a super strong processor with six core CPU and four core GPU, and an 8-core neural engine. In terms of storage, iPhone XR provides 64GB, 128GB and 256gb storage versions, which are enough to meet the daily storage requirements. On the network, China still has a unique dual entity card slot design, and also provides 2942mah capacity battery.

The iPhone XR comes with a 7 megapixel front and supports natural light, studio light, and silhouette light effects for human images. In terms of rear camera, 12 megapixel rear single camera with maximum f / 1.8 f-stop is used, and the improved ture tone flash is also equipped. Although the iPhone XR uses a single rear camera, it still has advanced technologies, such as portrait mode with depth of field control and intelligent HDR photos.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Reference price: 4699 yuan

Samsung S9 Burgundy Red is inspired by French burgundy red wine, which means romance and passion, nobility and elegance. Burgundy Red is more stable. Compared with other red mobile phones on the market, the burgundy red of Samsung S9 is darker, a bit like wine red, with a slight elegance. Both male and female users can hold the burgundy red of Samsung S9.

Samsung S9 adopts a 5.8-inch display with resolution of 1440 & times; 2960. It is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB memory, 64GB storage specification, 3000mAh battery capacity, QC 2.0 fast charging support, Android 8.0 system running, Bluetooth 5.0, IP68 water and dust-proof, iris recognition and new upgraded face recognition functions.

The Samsung S9 post adopts 12 million pixel single shot, supports full pixel dual core focusing, supports OIS optical anti shake, and the most striking is the adoption of f1.5/f2.4 intelligent variable aperture. The front is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, f / 1.7 aperture, which supports auto focus. The new dynamic cute shooting function can capture the 3D model that can reflect and imitate the user's expression in real time through the camera. The user can share it to his friends by shooting video, and can also generate personalized dynamic expression package. Another feature is slow motion capture. The main camera of S9 can capture 960 frames of slow motion video per second to capture interesting moments.