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How to eliminate chicken skin? Three ways to get rid of chicken skin

Many girls are troubled by chicken skin, rough skin has become a mystery. And some people are born with chicken skin, which is even more stubborn and hard to eliminate. So can chicken skin be improved and eliminated? Here are three ways to eliminate chicken skin, which complement each other and must be adhered to.

Chicken skin elimination method 1: gentle exfoliation

The pores of chicken skin are seriously blocked. In order to improve and remove it, the first thing to do is to exfoliate. However, in order to speed up, you can not use very irritating exfoliation products. You should gently exfoliate, or it may aggravate the symptoms of chicken skin. The cutin renewal cycle of general skin is 28 days to 40 days, can do exfoliation once a month.

The second way to eliminate chicken skin: moisturize the skin

After exfoliation, what we must do is to moisten the skin and keep the skin hydrated. It is better to use body milk to soften the cuticle, so as to help you relieve the dryness. Especially after taking a bath, it is best to apply a layer of lotion, so that the moisture of the skin can be locked and the symptoms of the chicken skin can be eased.

In addition, the temperature of the bath water should not be too high. It's better to wash off the oil on the skin surface when it's too hot. This will increase the loss of skin water, which is not conducive to the elimination of chicken skin.

Chicken skin removal method 3: supplement vitamin A

To eliminate chicken skin, you need to eat more vitamin A containing food from the inside out, because lack of vitamin A will also dry the skin. There are many foods that contain vitamin A, such as apples, tomatoes and pork. Develop good living habits, drink more water and exercise, for improving the state of the skin is also very helpful.

After reading the above content, do you know how to eliminate the chicken skin? However, it needs to be remembered that improving and eliminating the chicken skin can not be achieved in a day or two, and you must stick to it, otherwise your previous efforts may be in vain. I hope the previous content will help you!