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Buying a house next to these buildings will only depreciate. Buying a house is not next to these fiv

Although buying a house is a top priority, we still have to choose it carefully. Whether it's the location, transportation or supporting facilities, we should take it into consideration. Especially if we want to invest in real estate, the location of the house is the most important, and the price of a good location will not depreciate. However, some buildings next to some buildings will not only not appreciate, but also may depreciate. Now let's talk about the five kinds of buildings next to the real estate. These houses can't be bought any cheaper!

1. Hospital

The location of the hospital will certainly be better, especially in the big cities, the surrounding environment of the hospital will also be very good, so why does Xiaobian say not to buy the house near here? The reason is that, because the hospital's Yin is relatively heavy, and there are more bacteria, so try not to choose the house near the hospital.

2. Church

We all know that the church is a sacred place. When there is a festival, there will be a lot of people coming and going, and there will be a strong smell of incense and fire. In some places, there will be regular bells or something, which will have an impact on people's rest.

3. Viaduct

Nowadays, the development of the city is more and more rapid. In big cities, viaducts and overpasses are built, which will have a serious impact on the surrounding houses, such as the noise and dust, and the long-term living quality will be reduced.

4. Gas station

There are gas stations in many places. Although the probability of explosion or fire is very small, the coming and going of cars will cause great exhaust and noise, which not only brings potential safety hazards, but also poor living experience.

5. Chemical industry zone, high pressure tower

As we all know, the closer the house is to the source of pollution, the cheaper the house price is. But when we buy a house, we should not only look at the price, but also pay attention to our health. In addition, it is even worse to live near the high-voltage tower, because the high-intensity current affects the surrounding magnetic field, and living nearby for a long time will also affect the human brain and heart.