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In addition to HowNet, what are the duplicate websites? An introduction to the duplication checking

Recently, because of the actor Zhai Tianlin's academic fraud, it has led to a stumbling block of HowNet. HowNet has also entered the public's eyes. HowNet is a very authoritative website for paper review. Today, we will not only introduce HowNet, but also introduce six other review systems besides HowNet. Let's see what we have.

1. CNKI paper duplicate checking system -

The official test results of "China HowNet" are 100% the same as those of schools and magazines! The academic misconduct literature test system of HowNet supports the test of papers in various disciplines such as Ben, Shuo and Bo! The price of the duplicate check system of HowNet is 58 yuan / article (Journal), 178 yuan / article (undergraduate) and 338 yuan / article (Shuo Bo). 24-hour self-help, detection of direct HowNet, paper security does not leak. 30 minutes - 3 hours to download the report. The duplicate results of HowNet are the closest to those of school graduation thesis. The only disadvantage may be that the price is too high.

2. Handwriting query:

1 yuan = 500 points. 1000 points are required for 1000 words of duplicate checking. The second duplicate checking only charges for the repair part, but no more.

3. Papery paper duplicate checking system --

There are four detailed reports in papery paper detection system. The results are most close to those of HowNet papery. The data in the detection report is rich, which not only shows directly with data, but also shows more intuitively the similarity ratio by using sector graph. Price: 3 yuan / 1000 words

4. Duplication checking system of Wanfang Data paper

The detection speed of Wanfang is fast, and it only takes one second for Wanfang to detect papers and journals. Inspection scope: University thesis, degree thesis, conference thesis, periodical thesis, graduation thesis. Price: 8 yuan / 10000 words

5. Vegonda detection system

After personal registration, it can be tested three times free of charge. After China HowNet and Wanfang, vegenda detection system is another paper anti plagiarism detection system supported by a large number of journal document systems. Its detection results are more authoritative than other websites. I suggest using the system.

6. Intellectual property guardian - copycheck -

For the time being, the website paper is free of charge.

7. Master of paper testing:

Temporary website paper detection, each IP free detection twice. Only doc type file upload is supported! Submit your valid papers, please do not upload useless documents. Each IP has only two detection opportunities, and your detection results will be sent to your mailbox in the form of word documents.

According to my personal suggestion, if you are financially well-off, you can directly use HowNet to check the duplicate. The result is the same as that of the school graduation thesis. If you want to save money, you can first use the free duplicate check software line to try it. When the modification is similar, you can check the duplicate through the school.