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When is the best time to wean your baby? Selection is most important for weaning time

How to wean the baby? Weaning the baby is to pay attention to methods, otherwise it will disrupt the child's diet, and it is easy to bring bad effects to the child, so weaning must choose the right time, so when is the best time to wean the baby? What are the precautions for weaning the baby?

The best time for weaning

From a scientific point of view, spring and autumn are the best seasons for weaning, because the temperature of these two seasons is suitable, children are not easy to get sick, and other foods should be added after weaning in hot summer, which is easy to cause digestive tract diseases of children; weaning in winter is easy to make children feel sick.

Many mothers think that there is no nutrition after six months of breastfeeding, so they choose to wean their babies at the age of six months. Although it's easy to wean a six-month-old baby, because the age of the month is relatively small and the type of food that can be added is monotonous, the baby may be significantly emaciated after weaning, with some diseases. For the sake of the baby's health, the best time to wean should be around one year old, because in this stage of the baby, the calories provided by complementary food can reach more than 60% of the total food calories needed, and the baby is qualified to wean.

At this time of the Spring Festival when the best season to wean, come to see the baby weaning steps.

Baby weaning steps

The steps of weaning baby in spring

Wean before and at night. The baby has a large amount of activity in the daytime. It's easier not to nurse. The most difficult thing to break is to nurse before going to bed and in the middle of the night. A mother can wean herself from the night before going to bed. At this time, it needs the active cooperation of father or family. When the baby sleeps, he can't see his mother. At the beginning, he must cry, but he will fall asleep after coaxing. Weaning will be tossed for a few days at the beginning, until the baby doesn't make much trouble before going to bed and then lies down and sleeps, and doesn't wake up in the middle of the night, weaning is the first battle.

Step by step natural transition. If the baby can adapt, the time for weaning is ripe. In particular, if the mother and baby are separated for a few days, it is likely that they will be completely weaned in a few days. If the baby is very dependent on breast milk, and every day with the baby, suddenly weaning may have a sense of loss, the mother can gradually wean the method, gradually reduce the number of times of breast-feeding, until the complete weaning of breast milk.