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How to celebrate the most romantic Valentine's day in 2019? N more celebrations make you abuse your

How can 2019 Valentine's day be more romantic? Valentine's Day is of course to have two people together, but if you are a single dog, the most important thing is to be romantic and happy, then how can Valentine's day be the most memorable? Let's get to know.

How to celebrate Valentine's day in 2019

1. Valentine's Day dinner

It's a very warm thing for couples to finish a big meal together. Two people put on apron, wash vegetables, cut vegetables and cook out of the pot. One dish is the result of cooperation between two people. Marriage life may be like this. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be mutual tolerance and cooperation between two people to create a better future.

2. Take a group of couple photos in couple clothes

On Valentine's day, when it's a special day for lovers, it's better for two people to wear couple's clothes to take a set of pictures and record the Valentine's day for two people with one picture. When two people are in their 70s and 80s, it's quite romantic to turn out the photo taken by their lover this year and slowly recall the process of their growing old together.

3. Sit on the merry go round together

About the merry go round, there is a very beautiful legend. It is said that the merry go round is a love game to witness the love of two lovers. As long as two lovers who really love each other sit on the merry go round at the same time, the merry go round will carry their love until the end of time. Since there is such a legend, lovers may as well go to sit on a merry go round on Valentine's day.

4. Propose on Valentine's day with Dr diamond ring

If you want to have a romantic and meaningful Valentine's day this year, you can turn it into a memorable anniversary. Men may wish to customize a Dr proposal diamond ring in advance to propose to their beloved one on Valentine's day. With this diamond ring, which means' lifetime & middlet; only & middlet; true love ', make a vow to accompany each other for a lifetime.

5. A romantic trip on Valentine's Day

Nowadays, many couples like traveling very much, and traveling is also a good way to hone their feelings. You can choose places to visit, such as Yunnan in spring, Sanya in sunny days, Harbin in snowy days, Jiangnan Water Town in elegance, etc. It's romantic to go to these places on Valentine's day. If the economy allows, you can also travel to Europe. Paris and Provence in France are romantic places in the hearts of many girls.

6. Go to the concert together.

You can go to a concert with your wife and daughter on Valentine's day. Music can always give you a warm and inspiring positive energy.

Seven ideas to surprise your girlfriend on Valentine's Day

1. Gift: buy something she likes but is reluctant to buy or needs. Give her a surprise. It works well, such as jewelry, bags and clothes!

2. Dinner: take her to a place with good environment and he likes to eat. The delicate place should be quiet and emotional. A man should know romance properly!

3. Gifts for business trip: if you go on a business trip or go to other places, you must remember to bring gifts to her. It's not that she cares about what you buy for her, but that he cares about your heart.

4. Travel: take her to the place she has always wanted to go, and take a walk.

5. Carefully look for what she wants. When she finds something that she can't find by her boyfriend, she will be more tender to you.

6. Ask her for a moonlight walk on her unprepared evening. According to the survey, in the soft moonlight, girls will be more favorable to you.

7. Ask her for a recent picture of her. Tell her you're going to put it on the table, beside the bed, or in a wallet, and she'll be thrilled that you like to see her.

How to make romantic surprises on Valentine's Day

1. Breakfast surprise

There is a small board hanging behind the door, leaving a message to each other every day (it's better to paste the refrigerator with the emoticon notepaper). Say love you, breakfast must remember to eat Oh, or sorry.

2. Two people go riding in the wild

On the bicycle, she tightly hugs your waist, the wheel rotates, the laughter, the love spreads, is how romantic.

3. Go to the cinema together

Go to see a love movie together. On the screen, you can't help but fall into it when you see the joys and sorrows in love. The light and darkness around her, hold her hand. Wipe her tears, give her tissue, gently hold her, let her lean on your shoulder, give her warmth.

4. Write a love letter to your girlfriend

Write a love letter to express your love for her. To meet her is the greatest happiness in your life. The emotion is sincere and moving. It's better to remember your every bit. Write out how good she is to you and how she loves you. Don't exaggerate. Your girlfriend will cry when she reads it.

5. Prepare a bunch of roses carefully

There is no girl who does not like roses. Roses represent sincere and strong love. When she receives roses, she will think of you as happy and happy. It's romantic and charming. In fact, you don't have to prepare roses, you can also send some other flowers, but before you send flowers, you must understand the flower language of those flowers, or you will make a joke if you send them wrong.

6. Light a bright candle at night

First, turn off all the lights. The world is dark. At this time, you light the candle, just like the God of light suddenly brings light, can your girlfriend be moved to tears? The candle swings with the wind, flickers, adds a bottle of red wine, sprinkles some petals, under the pre flower candle, it is extremely romantic. But this must pay attention to fire prevention~