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What are the inspiring songs in 2019? 10 hot songs

As the post-80s and post-90s, how many people are fighting for a home of their own. Struggle in the journey of life, there are always some songs that we can hardly forget after listening to, shocking! So what are the Inspirational Songs of 2019? Let's take a look at 10 songs that are so exciting.

Glorious years

I believe that this song has been sung by countless people in KTV for countless times. Every time I sing it, I can see the power of upward.

We all know that this song is a song that Huang Jiaju wrote for Mandela, in which the spiritual core of inspiration always inspires people, which is a real sense of shock from the heart, so that people in adversity can see the light of hope.

Red sun

Li Keqin won the market by virtue of "red sun" soon after he stepped into the singing world. Its passionate melody accompanied many people through those tortuous years.

Now in KTV, you can still hear many people singing "red sun" tirelessly, because it is full of inspiring positive energy that can always inspire people to move forward.

From the beginning

The difference between this song and other Inspirational Songs is that it not only inspires you, but also tells you that you may encounter failure on the road of life. But if you fail, as long as your heart is there, your dream will be true love between heaven and earth. To see the success or failure, life is heroic, just start from scratch.

Even if it's a moment of frustration, it's just starting from scratch, plus this song is in the special background at that time, which is more inspiring and inspiring.

True hero

"Seize every minute of our life, spare no effort to dream in our hearts, how to see the rainbow without experiencing the wind and rain, no one can succeed casually." every time I hear this lyrics, I feel that life is full of hope.

Yes, no one can succeed at will.

My future is not a dream

'I know my future is not a dream, I want to live every minute seriously'. This song has inspired many people's confidence. As one of Zhang Yusheng's representative works, it has been deeply rooted in the people's heart, and every time I hear it, I have a passionate impulse.

As an inspirational song, this song has a bright rhythm, singing many young people's pursuit of dreams, so that many people who are in confusion have restored their confidence and go forward bravely on the road of life. In 2010, this inspiring song was also selected as one of the "30 years and 30 songs" in Chinese music circle.

This song can be said to be an expression of his brother's attitude towards life. When he sang in a deep and affectionate voice, 'I am me, a different fireworks', he could not help but feel tears.

The words and songs of this song have a sense of detachment from themselves, and each of the lyrics has a profound meaning. In addition to the music, my brother has inspired us to love the world and move forward with his own life experience.

I am a little bird

This song was written by Li Zongsheng specially for Zhao Zhuan. Maybe the lyrics in it resonate too much. "Everyone is a little bird in the world, who desperately wants to fly up, but can't fly high." it touched people's hearts especially when Zhao Zhuan sang.

Because of his appearance, Zhao Chuan has been ignored all the time, and he flies up with his own efforts. Zhao Chuan is more singing his own experience when singing this song. He uses his real feelings to inspire those struggling young people.

The sun is always after the wind and rain

Many people have heard this song, but they may not be familiar with its singer. It was first sung by Xu Meijing and became a team song of the women's volleyball team.

The meaning of the song itself is to tell everyone that only through wind and rain can we see a beautiful rainbow. Without wind and rain, how can we know the bright sunshine.


It can be said that the song "sailor" is almost a classic inspirational song along with the growth of the post-80s generation, and Zheng Zhihua's image of being physically disabled and determined is also more inspiring.

This song has inspired many people who have encountered setbacks in their life. It has almost inspired a generation on the spiritual level, just as it has sung "he said that this pain in the wind and rain is nothing, dry your tears and don't be afraid, at least we have dreams".


This song was created by Jay Chou in the low valley. At first, he wrote it just to encourage himself. But when he became famous, this song has encouraged many young people to climb up step by step like a snail for his goal. One day, he will have his own sky.