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How to express your success rate on Valentine's day? Valentine's Day 2019

Today is Valentine's day in the West. It's a festival for young couples. It's also a day suitable for expressing love. It's said that as long as you use the right way of expressing love, you'll be more likely to catch up with the God / Goddess. Do you want to know how to express your love successfully on Valentine's Day 2019? Let's have a look.

How to express your success rate on Valentine's Day 2019

February 14 Valentine's Day

Way 1: love letter

When you want to express your love to the other party, on the one hand, you need to choose a suitable way of expressing your love, and on the other hand, you need to see if the time is right. Because some girls are slow and hot, if you go to the confession, it is likely to be rejected, and will leave a bad impression on her. In addition, the choice of the way of expression should also be determined according to the character of the other party. Some girls are quiet and like to use a simple and low-key way. At this time, you should also try to be low-key and romantic when expressing your love. Love letter is the most traditional way for people to express love since ancient times, but the most traditional does not mean that it is not romantic. Simple words tell about your love for her.

Expression 2: Care

The way to express your love doesn't have to be the way to express it. In fact, silent care is also a way to express your love. When you meet someone you like, don't directly express your love to her. Use your care and consideration to slowly affect her. When she has a cold, give her some concerned messages and cold medicine, and accompany her silently when she is sad. Usually give some exquisite small gifts. These can slowly close the distance between you and each other, and this method is the most appropriate way to express love. Compared with the bold way to express love, this way of expressing love has a higher success rate!

Way 3: gift

Valentine's Day gift

Gifts are also a way to express feelings. In the process of getting along with you, you find that you have fallen in love with her, but you don't know how to express your love. At this time, you can also choose to express your love with gifts, which can also avoid the embarrassment when you express your love to each other. You can choose to send her a bunch of roses on Valentine's day. Roses symbolize love, and she will surely understand what you want to express. At the same time, you can also fold some small paper cranes and stars in the delicate glass bottle, and then write your expressions on each colored paper, so when you give her the gift, she will see these expressions, and immediately understand your love for her.

Location recommendation of Valentine's Day expression skills

1. Romantic restaurant. Choose high-end ones and put some soothing music in them. They are quiet, elegant and comfortable. If they are introverted or introverted, they can choose restaurants.

2. Live concert. Go to the concert with her. Everyone's mood is excited on this occasion. If there is a song link and you are chosen, that's the best chance.

3. Tourist attractions. When traveling, you can relax your mood. For example, on the top of the mountain, on the tiesuoqiao, you can also shout out to the canyon.

Valentine's day love letter

Valentine's Day gift attack

A gift is necessary for a confession, otherwise it seems insincere. The most popular Valentine's Day expression is the rose. To understand the flower language of roses, the meaning of the number of gifts is not the same. Generally speaking, it's better to send 11 roses. If there are more, 520 and 1314 are OK. It depends on how you choose.

You can also make a gift, such as DIY biscuits, cakes, chocolates, etc., on which you can write 'I like you' or 'would you like to be my girlfriend' with cream or something.

If you choose to go to dinner on Valentine's day, you can try candlelight dinner to express your love for her, and then boldly say that you love her, and then take out a couple of rings and say to her: how about being my girlfriend?