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What is the difference between Samsung S10 s10e S10 +? Samsung S10 s10e S10 + comparison

Samsung S10 series is the latest flagship model of Samsung. At present, it has been exposed that there are three models of Samsung S10 s10e S10 +, so what are the main differences between these models? Which one is worth buying? Here is a comparison of Samsung S10 s10e S10 +!

On the screen, Samsung s10e uses a 5.8-inch screen, while S10 uses a 6.1-inch screen. S10 + with the largest screen uses a 6.3-inch screen size. The three mobile phones are infinity-o punch screens, and the latter two are 19:9 2K screens, the former is 19:9 1080p screens.

On the front-end camera, s10e and s10jun adopt the 10 million pixel camera design (no 24 million talk about HD?), while S10 + adopts the front-end dual camera design, 10 million + 8 million front-end camera design. It's not surprising, but it's a big deal: Samsung S10 series front camera can support 4K ultra clear video recording, becoming the world's first mobile phone that supports 4K video pre recording. In terms of rear camera, S10 and S10 + are all rear three shots: 12 megapixel telephoto lens + 12 megapixel variable aperture lens + 16 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, while s10e cancels the design of telephoto lens.

The configuration is also unambiguous: in addition to the 8 nm exynos 9820 chip, Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor design is provided in China, the United States and other countries that need to do full Netcom design. S10e provides 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256gb memory matching. The colors include white, black, green and yellow (both visual sense of iPhone XR), with a thickness of 7.9MM and a weight of 150g.

S10 provides 6 + 128GB, 8 + 512gb storage configurations, with a thickness of 7.8mm and a weight of 157G; S10 + provides 6 + 128GB, 8 + 512gb and 12gb + 1TB configurations, of which 1TB model provides the exclusive ceramic black and ceramic white body, with a thickness of 7.8mm and a weight of 175g.

In terms of battery capacity, s10e is 3100mah, S10 is 3400mah, S10 + is 4100mah, all of which support wireless reverse charging technology.

In terms of features, s10e is the side fingerprint, S10 / S10 + is the front ultrasonic screen fingerprint, the maximum screen brightness is 800 nit, and the recording time of slow motion video is twice as long as S9.