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How to roll wool rolls at home? Teach you five minutes to finish this year's popular wool roll

How to roll the wool? It takes time and effort to grow long hair. It takes 30 minutes to take off every time you blow your hair. There are many areas to use the electric wand. Only when you roll one arm can it hurt. Today, I'm going to teach you a little skimming. It takes only 5 minutes to finish the most popular hairstyle of this year. Yes, you're right. It's 5 minutes! Quickly practice this method secretly. Next time you want to dress, you don't have to be tired to go out!

Finish the wool roll in 5 minutes:

Step.1 apply heat-resistant hair care products to the hair that has just been washed and is still slightly wet, and use the hair dryer to blow it until it is nine minutes dry.

Step. 2 first tie the hair to a place about 15cm higher than the ear. It depends on how high the curl of the final hairstyle is, so if you like the romantic big volume with curl close to the end of the hair, you can tie it lower.

Step. 3 start to tie three braids. The binding should be tight and tight, and then the curl will be more obvious.

Step.4 fix the three braids that have just been tied in a circle into a bun, and then fix the bun with another rubber band. Remember to tie it up a little bit at this time!

Step. 5 and then use the hot air blower to drive to the strongest position, and blow it on the Baotou for two minutes

Step. 6 blow for two minutes respectively and let it cool down and finalize

Step 7 remove the headband and comb the hair with a big comb

Step. 8 if the hair is thin and soft, you can use some fixed products to maintain the curl for a long time

Isn't it super simple? The curl is a little irregular, a little lazy but less than hippie. This kind of big curl is good for matching clothes, and it's very suitable for people who want to do the curl quickly but have no time.

However, this method is not suitable for people with short hair length or high-level hair. It may be warped, or hair ornaments can be used to assist modeling and look more overall.