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How much is suitable for Valentine's day wechat red packet? Valentine's day red envelopes or heart

I believe many girls are looking forward to Valentine's day, because every girl has a princess dream in her heart, and wants to be cared and valued by her lover. Now many boys send red envelopes to their girlfriends in addition to gifts, which has become a habit over time. Recently, a friend asked the editor how many red envelopes to send to his girlfriend on Valentine's day.

How many red envelopes do you send to your girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's day? 520, if you are short of money, it's OK to send 52.1. In fact, it doesn't matter how much money a little couple really loves each other, just when they feel it.

How much is the red envelope sent by wechat on Qixi Festival

Statistics show that: 5.20, 13.14, 7.77 and 9.99, these four figures in turn become the most popular red envelopes of Chinese people. However, many people are afraid to say "I love you" to their face when they are looking at the red envelopes. As a result, of the more than 40 million red envelopes, 7.8 million have yet to be claimed.

However, some netizens are not satisfied with the red envelope of love. They think that everything can be solved by wechat red envelope now, which makes the warm action of love more precious. Why not make complaints about the real meal? Cold numbers, naked money worship, how far can it be quantified by love? "One netizen Tucao:" so many festivals every year, from Spring Festival Eve to Western and Chinese Valentine's day, to the anniversary of marriage and love, and 520, Christmas, not only is the purse dry, but also the creative mind is urgent!

According to Xiaobian, there is also a psychological gap in taking advantage of the number of red envelopes. 'it's also a lifetime. When you receive 1314 yuan and 13.14 yuan in red envelopes, you still feel different, especially when you can't stand the stimulation of your friends' circle showing their love and swiping the screen. '

Chinese Valentine's Day

The seventh day of the seventh day of the seventh lunar month is a traditional Chinese festival. The festival began in the Han Dynasty. According to legend, on this night of every year, it's Zhinv and Niulang that meet at magpie bridge. Weaver is a beautiful, intelligent and handy fairy. On this night, ordinary women begged her for wisdom and skill, and also for a happy marriage. It is said that on the night of July 7 in the lunar calendar, women beg for wisdom from Vega in the courtyard, so it is called "begging for cleverness". It originated from the worship of nature and women's needlework. Later, it was given the legend of Cowherd and weaver girl, making it a symbol of love. On the Chinese Valentine's day, many customs such as women's needlework, praying for happiness and longevity, praying for the seventh elder sister, displaying flowers and fruits, needlework and so on affect the countries in the cultural circle of Chinese characters such as Japan, Korean Peninsula, Vietnam and so on.