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Valentine's day sweet love talk

Today is Valentine's day. Do single dogs want to get rid of their single as soon as possible so that they can get rid of the misery of single dogs? Valentine's day must seize this opportunity to get rid of their single. Is it suitable for them?

Valentine's Day boys to girls:

1. Baby: Recently, my teeth hurt, because I often miss you at night. It's too sweet. It will cause tooth decay.

2. Don't understand the heart, just see your good-looking eyebrows and eyes, as if you have seen thousands of rivers and mountains.

3. I want to hold you from now on, hold you tightly, and walk to God.

4. In the vast crowd, it's a kind of fate to meet you. I only hope to exchange my sincerity for your true feelings.

5. There is no clothing more suitable than your love, no decoration more charming than your love.

6. Every time I miss you, there will be another star in the sky, so there is the galaxy.

7. You are sweet in the dream; you are full in the heart; you are happy around you.

8. Your name has only two words. Although it can't be constructed into a sentence, it has filled my heart.

9. You know that my loneliness of a hundred years is only waiting for you alone. The love song of a thousand nights is only singing for you alone.

10. You are my warm gloves, cold beer, shirt with sunshine taste, day after day's dream.

11. Why do you always talk to me? Do you like me. If not, I'll think of another way.

12. You ask me how much I love you. Maybe if I meet you a hundred times, I will fall a hundred times.

13. If there is a distance of 1000 steps between us, you just need to step out of the first step, then I will go to you for the remaining 999 steps.

14. The great wheel of time can't erase my yearning for you. Even if the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten, your figure will live in my heart forever.

15. No matter how big the world is, no matter how far away the river is, the only thing I want to hold is your hand.

16. I am just a choice in your life, and you are the only answer in my life.

17. I don't want to be warm for a short time, as long as you are with me all my life

18. My arms are open only for you, only for you to stop in this life.

19. I don't have gorgeous language. I just want to give you simple happiness. I hope you can give me a chance to love you.

20. I am the deep sea, you are the dawn rising from the other side of the sea, forever illuminating my life

21. I like you for more than two minutes. You can't withdraw

22. I think after 50 years, I will still love you as I do now

23. I have exhausted all my luck, just for the moment when I met you, life will light up at that moment.

24. I know love can be happy only when it is free, but I would rather stay by your side, accompany you and accompany you through.

25. Like your smile, like watching you quietly, my sorrow flies away like a cloud.

26. Give you a little flower first, then a little heart, and finally a little lovely, that is me

27. Miss you so much that you miss you. Find a painter to draw you, stick you in a cup, and kiss you with water every day.

28. Because of you, love starts from this moment; because of you, the heart floats in the blue sky & hellip; & hellip;

29. Just because you are so beautiful that I can't tell frankly that I love you

30. Since you left, I've always been asked why I'm in a daze.