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What are the procedures for vehicle transfer between husband and wife? A list of the transfer proces

if there is a need for vehicle transfer between husband and wife, how to deal with it? What are the procedures for vehicle transfer between husband and wife? Let's learn about the transfer process of husband and wife's motor vehicles.

procedure for change of vehicle owner between husband and wife:

Both husband and wife are required to bring their own ID cards (temporary residence cards with a one-year validity period are also required if they hold a foreign ID card), marriage cards (if the husband and wife's household accounts are together, they can take the household register, without the marriage card), motor vehicle driving license and motor vehicle registration certificate, and drive to the branch of vehicle management under the identity card (temporary residence card) of the party who is about to become the owner to handle the change business.

Where the transfer registration is applied for, the current owner of the motor vehicle shall fill in the application form, hand in the motor vehicle for inspection, and submit the following certificates and certificates:

1. Identity certificate of the current owner of the motor vehicle; (if the owner is a unit, enterprise code certificate and official seal are required)

2. Certificate and certificate of transfer of ownership of motor vehicle;

3. Motor vehicle registration certificate;

4. Vehicle license.

Extended data:

1、 Vehicle transfer process:

(1) Issuing transaction: pay the second-hand car transaction tax. 1% for private households and 4% for public households.

(2) Vehicle external inspection: drive the vehicle to the inspection place, carry out external inspection, number extension, license plate removal and photo taking, collect vehicle photos, paste them on the inspection record sheet, and enter the transfer hall for filing.

(3) License plate number selection: after the number machine takes the number, take the relevant materials and queue up to pay the transfer fee.

(4) Transfer out: required materials include registration, transfer, cancellation registration form / transfer in application form of motor vehicle, inspection record form, original motor vehicle property right registration certificate, original driving license, original owner's ID card, original license plate number, vehicle photo, transfer invoice of trading market.

2、 Transfer fee standard:

(1) In the old motor vehicle market, the agency system of the operating company is implemented when the vehicle is transferred, and the transfer window does not directly deal with the consumers. When driving the car to the market, there are used motor vehicle operating companies to complete the transfer procedures for their agents: evaluation, vehicle inspection, ticket printing.

(2) The buyer and the Seller shall sign the contract for the sale of used motor vehicles supervised by the industrial and commercial department in triplicate, with each party holding one copy and the industrial and commercial department retaining one copy. Only after the registration by the industrial and commercial department can the transfer of ownership or transfer of registration be handled.

(3) After the evaluation report comes out, the transfer formalities will be handled. The transfer certificate shall be kept by the buyer, and the seller is advised to keep a copy for future use.

Second hand transaction's general cost agency fee: the agency fee of the entrusted operation company is generally about 200 yuan. (due to the agency system of the operating company, this expense cannot be saved)

3、 Transfer fee

The transaction transfer fee shall be charged at 5 & permil; of the vehicle evaluation price, and the bearing of the fee shall be negotiated by both parties. ('transfer fee' has nothing to do with the actual transaction price of the car. If the actual transaction price of the car is 56000 yuan, it is still calculated based on the evaluation price of 60000 yuan.)

4、 Other expenses

The assessment vehicle fee is 180 yuan, the examination fee is 80 yuan and the ticket is 150 yuan. It should be noted that many people think that the registration certificate and driving license of motor vehicle have been transferred, in fact, after the transfer of the vehicle, the maintenance fee at the top of the window and the change of the owner of the purchase of additional tax and insurance can be handled with the original driving license.