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Is it late spring cold now? How long does the cold last

It's been some time since the beginning of spring, but the weather suddenly began to cool down again, and it snowed, which made everyone can't stand it. Why is it suddenly cold when spring has already begun? This is what we often say about the cold in late spring. How long will it last?

When is the cold of late spring

Generally, it exists in the first ten days of March. It's best to prepare in advance. Compared with the cold winter, many people will relax their vigilance after the spring. In fact, it's very easy to catch a cold at this time. The specific duration of cold in late spring will not be very clear. Due to the influence of cold air, the temperature drops rapidly. Generally speaking, it is about 3-7 days, and the longest one can reach 2 weeks. At this time, many people are easy to catch cold, so we must make preparations in advance to prevent cold in late spring.

We all know that there will be a period of cold air coming in every year. If you don't pay attention to it, you will catch cold. In fact, it's best to protect yourself and prevent cold. The cold usually occurs from the beginning of March to the end of April, with a time span of two months. In the south of China, the temperature returns quickly, and it enters the spring earlier, and the time of late spring cold is early, while in the north, it usually occurs after April.

How long will the cold last

Generally, it's a few days. There will be half a month in the north. It exists every year. It's very important to keep warm every day. The average temperature difference in spring is more than 12-deg; every day, and the maintenance period is more than three days. Because at the turning point of winter summer alternation, the late spring cold often comes quickly and without omen. Therefore, the increase and decrease of clothes should not be too urgent in spring.

It looks cold in late spring. It is the same as the common temperature in winter, and there will be cooling phenomenon. In some years, there will only be one cold fall, and sometimes there will be a second cold fall, but no matter what, the time will be controlled in about two months.