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How can we increase the quota? What are the ways to increase the quota of Huabei

Ant Huabei, like credit card, can only increase the quota after the system determines that you have the qualification to increase the quota. You can't take the initiative to increase the quota, but at present, the quota can't support your consumption. So how can you increase the quota?

To increase the amount of ant flowers, we can do the following:

1. Not many receiving addresses

The user's habit of using Alipay will directly affect the credit score of Hua Bai. When shopping with Alipay, it is recommended to reserve only 1 addresses. If you help others to shop, it is best to delete their addresses after operation.

2. Give love and more money

The more, the better. It will enhance the impression that Alipay has placed on you. It is suggested that at least 1 times a month should be donated at least, and the more the better, but the amount is not restricted, and it is mainly for the purpose of insisting on donation.

3. Financial management proportion is the best 20% of shopping amount

The monthly financial management must be proportional to your shopping situation. For example, if the monthly consumption is more than 10000, your financial management amount proportion is the best 20% of the shopping amount! (don't put all the money into yu'ebao, it's better to play with ant Jubo)

4, Alipay active friend 20+

Your Alipay's whole active friends remain the best of 20 people. Besides, you can choose to delete those friends who have been out of date and are not good at credit reporting.

5. It is most reasonable to bind 3-5 credit cards

The number of credit cards that Alipay is bound to is 3-5, the most reasonable and the number of which will determine the pressure of your debt will affect credit. (warm reminder: credit card is sesame credit to give you the first choice for the initial credit card, so before you borrow it, you must use more credit card payment, and repay the credit card on time!

6. Keep credit growth

Keep your sesame credit score growing continuously, that is, no matter how much or how little it rises every month, as long as it keeps growing, your spending quota will also increase.