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When is Apple's spring launch? Will Apple launch new products in spring

Apple's annual spring and autumn press conference has touched the hearts of countless digital players. When will the apple press conference be held this year? What new products will Apple launch in spring? Let's have a look.

According to a message on buzzfeed, a foreign forum, Apple plans to hold a press conference on March 25, 2019. The venue is still the jobs theater in Apple park. I believe many players have begun to guess what new products Apple will release~

Cook's new year's video has made a preview of the launch

In fact, as for the spring conference, cook had already made a 'notice' on the first day of the new year. On the first day of the new year, cook himself appeared on the stage and gave a video to Chinese users to celebrate the new year. At the end of the video, Cook said a meaningful sentence: "see you soon!" I believe that this sentence refers to the spring conference.

Apple news may be one of the highlights

As for what new products will be released, buzzfeed, a foreign forum, also made some revelations. It is reported that the conference is mainly about Apple news, and the rumored hardware such as ipad Mini 5 is unlikely.

It is said that apple news, Apple's paid news service, will make a significant change. Users can read the bundled paid news and magazines for unlimited amount at a monthly fee to apple.

The rumored ipad Mini 5 case

As for the rumored ipad Mini 5, which has been exposed many times before, a user named White shared a photo of the back of an ipad Mini that claimed to be an unpublished one on twitter. From the photos, we can see that unlike the previous ipad Mini, the injection antenna with the back shell adopts a narrower design, which is obviously different from the old one.

It is expected that ipad Mini 5 will also upgrade the processor. At present, it seems that it will be at least at the same level as iPad 2018's A10, and it may have more than 2GB of internal memory. The industry predicts that the price of this product will be relatively user-friendly.

Is airpods 2 coming?

But so far, everyone is still in the guessing stage. Another section of Greek media iPhone Hellas also revealed that Apple will hold a press conference in late March. In addition to the two products just mentioned, according to the website, it will also release the second generation of airpods 2 and airpower wireless charging board.

IPhone Hellas said that this is the exclusive information they get from Apple's reliable sources in China's production chain, with airpods 2, airpower and new iPad bookings starting on Friday, March 22, and shipping and in store sales starting on Friday, March 29.

Air power has been skipping tickets for so long. Is it finally coming?

It has long been rumored that Apple plans to launch the second generation of airpods, which will be equipped with improved wireless chips and support the 'Hey Siri' function of voice activation. But at present, Apple launched airpods with wireless charging function in the autumn of 2017 (some people call it 1.5 generation), as well as airpower wireless charging board are not yet available.