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What happened to Thompson's deformed fingers? Details of Thompson's finger deformation

According to Beijing time on February 13th, the defending champion Jinzhou warriors took four consecutive wins to the home Oracle center to face the Utah jazz, which has risen to the sixth in the West. Shortly after the start of the first competition, warrior star clay Thompson was injured. His left ring finger dislocated and deformed. Many enthusiastic netizens were worried. What happened to Thompson's deformed finger? Thompson's fingers have been deformed for a while.

After the start of the second quarter, Thompson went back to the court, his left ring finger and middle finger were bandaged together. Although injured, but clay still insisted on returning to the field to continue the game, one came back to complete an empty cut dunk. However, Thompson then made another three pointer out of the three-point line. It seems that the finger injury has an impact on his shooting.