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Is cherries the same as cherries? Do you know the difference between cherries and cherries

We all know that cherry is a kind of fruit, which is sweet and sour, and has high nutritional value. It is loved by many people. But many people think cherry and cherry are the same. In fact, cherry is the English word for cherry, but there are some differences between them. Let's get to know.

1、 Cherries are different from cherries

Chelizi is a very delicious fruit. Its appearance is similar to cherry. Its skin and fruit are dark red, with thick skin and full elasticity. But chelizi is produced in foreign countries, in the United States, Canada and Europe. In recent years, it has been introduced into China. There are two varieties of chelizi, red light and meizao. Cherry is planted in China.

Cherry fruit in China is soft and tender, with small and soft red flesh. In May of each year, it is the time for cherry to go on the market in China, and the production period is only one month, so now cherry market is gradually occupied by cherry which has a long time to maintain and is good for transportation. However, cherry in foreign countries needs a long time to be transported, and its freshness and taste cannot be compared with cherry in China.

Is chelizi the same as cherry? Because chelizi is not only delicious and delicious, but also has a longer selling time than ordinary cherries, and the price is not more expensive than cherries, so chelizi has been loved by many people. Chelizi has a high iron content, but it is difficult to absorb. But chelizi is imported from abroad, and we know that they are different from each other from the place of production.

Because chelizi, imported from abroad, came to China after a long time of transportation. In this process, are these chelizi polluted, and are there any unhealthy substances? Compared with cherries produced in China, chelizi is big and delicious, but compared with cherries in China, it lacks a safety and security.

2、 Three differences between cherries and cherries

1. Difference between appearance and taste

In fact, it's very simple to see the difference between cherries and cherries. First of all, there is a big gap in their appearance. Cherries are dark red, larger and harder than ordinary cherries, and their flesh is more delicate, juicy and delicious. However, cherries in China are generally light red, small, thin, tender, sweet and sour.

2. Differences in growth habits

Is cherries the same as cherries? In fact, it can be seen from their growth habits. Cherries abroad are produced in mid June every year, and can last for a long time in mid August. But our cherries are weak in cold resistance and like warm and humid. When they mature in May every year, they only have one month of production time.

3. Difference in nutritional value

Chelizi has many kinds of Guoxiang, such as tonifying qi and removing dampness, supplementing qi and relieving diarrhea. It has a better ability to quench thirst and remove boredom, and even can relieve rheumatism, waist and leg pain and other symptoms. Cherry has the effects of anti anemia, measles prevention, pain relief and beauty, and all its protein, vitamin C content are higher than chelizi, and cherry juice has the ability to remove spots.

4. Price difference

In recent years, chelizi's highest wholesale price is 85 yuan a Jin. Even during the Spring Festival last year, chelizi's price is 260 yuan if it's not allowed to enter. When it's cheapest, it even costs 20 yuan to buy a Jin. Before cherries were cheaper than chelizi's, but this year's cherries have grown dramatically, the highest price is 100 yuan a Jin. The main reason is that this year's output is very rare.

Conclusion: now that you know the difference between cherries and cherries, you should also be able to distinguish cherries and cherries. I hope you can buy fresh cherries or cherries and eat your favorite fruits this summer.