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What's the matter with my uncle who died of cutting his hair in the first month? Why can't I have my

New year's new weather, everything starts from the beginning, but this' head 'really dare not move casually, haven't you heard of it?' the first month does not shave, shaves the head to die uncle '. Have you heard that? So many young people dare not cut their hair in the first month in order to respect the older generation. Do you know why?

According to the two experts interviewed, "the first month without shaving" is just a newly emerged folk concept and a folk belief. In the interview, Xiao Fang said that the saying that "the first month does not shave your head, and then your uncle dies" has a certain historical origin and also has a certain relationship with the folk customs at that time.

First of all, '& lsquo; Shaving & rsquo; was not used before the Ming Dynasty. The Han people used to pay attention to & lsquo; body and skin, and their parents dare not to be damaged. Filial piety is the beginning. &"Xiao Fang said that they regard hair as the same important thing as life. They think that hair is given by their parents, and they have no right to deal with it. Shaving is an unfilial behavior for them, so the ancients often store their hair. Only those who want to become a monk can shave. After the Qing Dynasty, the Han people were forced to shave their hair and stay their pigtails. They missed the previous dynasty and were unwilling to do so. They would refuse to shave their hair in the first month to commemorate it. It means that they miss the old Dynasty. "Dead uncle" is the homophony of "thinking of the old". After people's misinterpretation, they became "dead uncle". Chen Lianshan also confirmed the above statement, adding that "the Qing government issued a shaving order, requiring the Han people to submit to it culturally. With the shaving order, there was a later saying that" the first month does not shave, and the shaved uncle dies ". '

Secondly, 'no cutting in the first month' is also influenced by the custom of the Han nationality. The Han nationality has the saying that 'no cutting in the first month'. Since no scissors are used, it is impossible to have a haircut. "Said Xiao Fang. In the past, people paid more attention to festivals and rituals. They would fast their bodies before the Spring Festival. Bathing and shaving were part of them, so there was no need to have a haircut in the first month.

In addition, Xiao Fang said that in the past, people also attached great importance to health preservation, believing that it was still cold in the first month. In the first month, haircuts are very bad for people's bodies. If you cut your hair, your head will be cold. Most of the meridians of your body are connected with your head. Your head is frozen, and you are easy to get sick.