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What are the benefits of unemployment insurance? How to apply for unemployment insurance benefits

One of the five insurances is unemployment insurance, which is the guarantee of the state and enterprises for the insured after unemployment. Do you know what unemployment insurance benefits are? How to apply for unemployment insurance benefits? Want to know more about the handling procedures of unemployment insurance benefits, let's take a look with the editor.

What are the benefits of unemployment insurance?

The insured of urban household registration: can apply for unemployment insurance and medical expenses; at the same time, can obtain free employment services; during the period of receiving unemployment insurance, can apply for one-time hospitalization subsidy if he / she is ill and hospitalized; if he / she dies, his / her family members can apply for funeral expenses, one-time pension (pension) and one-time relief for supporting immediate family members.

Contract workers of farmers can get one-off living allowance.

How to apply for unemployment insurance benefits?

The employer shall terminate or terminate the labor relationship with the employees, and handle the procedures of insurance suspension, or handle the unemployment insurance treatment in the social insurance agency within 60 days after the settlement of the labor dispute. Please provide the following information:

1. Fill in the list of unemployed workers in duplicate;

2. Guangzhou workers' manual for urban household registration;

The central government, the army, the industry and the provincial units stationed in Guangzhou that only take part in unemployment insurance shall also provide the labor manual for the employees of Guangdong Province;

3. Labor manual for Guangzhou migrant workers who are not urban registered permanent residence workers;

The information about these problems will be sorted out here. I hope it can help you. With the gradual improvement of our laws, we are also looking forward to helping more people.