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How to clean the black platinum necklace? Platinum necklace cleaning skills sharing

Platinum necklace will turn black like silver necklace if you don't pay attention to maintenance. Then, how to clean the black platinum necklace? Many people will buy platinum necklace when they get married. Once the necklace is black, it will affect their image, so it is very important to clean it regularly.

How to clean the black platinum necklace

If the platinum necklace turns black, just squeeze a proper amount of toothpaste on the soft towel and other fabrics, spread it evenly, and then gently wipe it back and forth on the platinum jewelry to remove the dirt and sweat accumulated on the surface for a long time. Finally, rinse it with pure water or water; You can also wrap the jewelry evenly with toothpaste for about 10 minutes. Remove the toothpaste and wash it with warm water. After cleaning, the jewelry restored its original bright luster.

Cause of platinum necklace blackening

In the process of wearing the necklace, the sweat of the human body and the amount of friction at ordinary times will make the platinum black. The lipophilicity of the metal is very strong. The various cosmetics we usually use, the grease secreted by the skin, the cooking and washing pot in daily life and other behaviors will make the jewelry dirty. That's because the grease absorbs the surrounding dust, so the place stained with the oil will turn black. When the jewelry appears such a situation, it means that the jewelry needs to be cleaned and maintained, otherwise its luster will be dim.

Common cleaning methods of platinum necklace

1. Cold water immersion method: use half a cup of domestic amonia water, add water of the same capacity, immerse the platinum diamond necklace in the solution for about 30 minutes, then use a small brush to gently wash and wipe the inlaid metal around the diamond ring ornaments, then put it into the solution and gently wave it, take it out and use paper to dry the water without washing.

2. Quick washing method: use a set of necklace cleaning solution to wash. This kind of jewelry cleaning is available in general jewelry stores. You can operate according to the instructions. It should be noted that when you clean the platinum necklace, you must not do it in the pool, but in a container, so as to avoid the necklace being accidentally washed into the drain pipe.

3. Detergent bath method: necklace can keep pure luster only by careful care, so cleaning in daily life is very necessary. When cleaning, you can dip the necklace into a small plate of warm water mixed with mild detergent, then gently wash it with a small brush, then put the necklace on the filter screen and wash it with warm water, and finally absorb the water with a cloth.