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How can a courier write a resignation report? Sample resignation report of courier

Now online shopping is very developed, I believe everyone has the experience of online shopping, and logistics is playing a very important role in the middle, so the express salesman is a very busy career, a large part of the courier is overburdened and chose to resign, the following editor and belt share some sample resignation reports of Express salesman for reference!

Resignation report of express agent fan Wenyi

I have been working in Yunda company since x, 20XX. My job is assistant manager in the city. Self evaluation: I have been responsible for my job, I have made suggestions for Department planning, and I have a new understanding of Yunda company. While making the resignation decision, I have made the following self summary on the situation since I joined Yunda company:

Before entering Yunda company, I had a preliminary understanding of Yunda company. Although the overall development trend of private express is not optimistic, I am confident in the overall situation of the express industry, and I am hopeful that I can enter a large express company like Yunda, one of the top ten private express companies in China. Before entering the company, I also have a certain pursuit of the company's development vision and my own work ambition.

After half a year's work, we have gained a lot, but we are disappointed. Working in any environment, as long as you can put your mind at ease, everyone can get gains, which will help your future development. At this point, I thank Yunda for giving me the opportunity to work and study this time. However, with the deepening of the understanding of Yunda network, the following disappointment is also increasing. There are the limitations of private companies, that is to say, the "big company disease" reflected by the large-scale private companies. There are more people who are overstaffed and muddleheaded than those who do things. There are fewer people who really have feelings for the company or are willing to grow for the company's follow-up development. There are also the limitations of the family business management model, too little communication and linkage among various departments, which also restricts the development of the company After the follow-up development of the enterprise, some good suggestions and ideas can not be valued and adopted by the superiors, the salary is too low, the enthusiasm of employees is generally not high, and so on & hellip & hellip;

For my responsibilities and positioning in the Department, I have put forward some of my own suggestions. At the same time, I have also had some thoughts on the development of the city. Of course, these suggestions and thoughts must be based on the overall development plan of the company, so it is reasonable that I failed to get the attention or adoption of the company's leaders. At the same time, it also made me gradually realize that the future development direction of the company is actually deviated from the development direction of my future career. On the platform of Yunda company, my ability and ambition may not be fully reflected. In consideration of my future career development, it may be a better choice for me to change another platform.

As far as my job is concerned, I have the opportunity to contact the middle and upper level managers and the most basic level employees. Through the exploration of my work in this period, I have learned more about some good and bad companies. I have found some problems in my work, had some ideas, and put forward some management suggestions. I have also participated in the city Department staff management, but also encountered some difficulties and blind spots. Of course, the resistance and difficulties are objective, only to overcome these problems, we need to update the top-down business philosophy, and also the institutionalization and humanization of management means, rather than the "humanization" or "nepotization". The fundamental solution of the problem requires that the management of the company needs to go to a higher level. For the employees (especially the grass-roots employees of the front-line departments), we should give them Give full trust and mobilize their enthusiasm. No matter new or old employees, they should always be able to feel that their future and Yunda company can be developed together.

It's inconvenient for me to draw a conclusion on my own work ability, but I also have a clear self-awareness of my own problems. I prefer to adopt 'institutionalized' management in the two modes of 'humanized' management or 'institutionalized' management. Whether it's new and old employees or nepotistic employees, I hope they will be treated equally. In the real environment, the survival of enterprises depends on the relationship, but the development of enterprises depends more on management. Whether an enterprise can become the leader in the industry, the relationship is only a part, and management is always fundamental. In this regard, Yunda company is deficient, which is also reflected in my work department.

Secondly, the salary is too low, so that the employees' sense of identity to the enterprise is also correspondingly reduced, and for some employees with their own ability, it is a kind of containment on the work enthusiasm. Salary is the most intuitive embodiment of employee value. For example, the unequal value recognition of different pay for the same work will be directly reflected in the work efficiency, and indirectly hurt the enthusiasm of employees.

The above are some of my working experience since I worked in Yunda company. Out of respect for Yunda company and my sense of responsibility, I submit this resignation report together with my resignation, and hope that Yunda company can get greater and better development in the future!

Resignation report of express agent fan Wener

Dear leaders of the company:

Thank you for your care and training over the past year. Now, due to my personal reasons, I don't think I'm qualified for my current job anymore! So, after careful consideration, I submit this resignation to the company, and I hope the company will approve it!

It has been 10 months since I came to Huangshi. I have learned a lot and made some mistakes here. During this period, I am very grateful to the leaders of the company for their trust and concern for me, so that I can make progress in my mistakes and improve my confidence. I know that HT is developing and growing. As an HT worker, I should devote all my energy to it and develop with it. But now I feel that I am worthy of such a good development platform and income as HT has given me; Coupled with external pressure and ideological fetters, I often think too much in private, which inevitably distracts me from my work. Such a long time, not the best of their own, then it must be difficult to make achievements, I think that has no great significance!

My experience in HT will always be an important wealth in my life experience, and I will never forget the spirit of HT -- rigorous and pragmatic, so will my work in the future, and so will my life! I will measure myself by this standard in my future work, and I will not exaggerate or be vain!

Finally, I hope the leaders of the company will take time out of their busy schedule to accept my resignation request!