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How to shoot different tiktok scenes? Tiktok switch scene shooting tutorial

Tiktok tiktok tiktok, you know, when you play the jitter, you must have seen 15 seconds of video, and appear many scenes. Do you think it's super cool? This technology flow is easy to get popular on the jitter. So how do you switch the scene to shoot?

How to tiktok the scene

Tiktok tiktok, tiktok, 1, enter the short video of shaking, click on the + + in the middle of the page, log in the short video of the jitter, and record the short video of shaking.

2, click on the tiktok short video page's middle + +.

3, choose music again, choose the music you want to record short tiktok videos.

4. After selecting the music, click "OK to use and start shooting".

5. Select 'fast' mode and long press the red recording button to start shooting.

6. Then change the background. When changing the background, make sure that the expression, angle and gesture do not change.

7. Then click shooting to continue to change a background, and then continue shooting, so repeat until the end of the music.