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What is glycerin? What are the benefits of glycerin to the skin

The glycerin we mentioned is usually bought from the cosmetics store and used directly. These glycerins are often diluted and will not cause irritation or other problems to the skin. Today, let's introduce the use of glycerin and its benefits to the skin.

Glycerin can be used as a moisturizing mask to moisturize the skin. Using glycerin can keep skin moist, and the effect is very good. After washing the face, apply a thick layer of glycerin on the face, and then apply the soaked paper film on the face. After 20 minutes, remove the paper film, and clean the glycerin on the face, you will find that the face becomes moist and smooth.

Glycerin can also be a skin whitening product. By adding white vinegar into the glycerin in a certain proportion, the glycerin can be turned into a good whitening product, which has a good clearing effect on some blemishes on the skin, can desalinate freckles and melanin, and the effect is very good. In addition, if white vinegar is turned into honey, glycerin can also be turned into skin beauty products. Such glycerin can be applied to the skin, which can double the nutritional effect of the skin, and has a certain anti-aging effect.

In addition to the above functions of moisturizing and skin care products, glycerin also has some other functions. For example, it can be used as a prop for removing makeup. The effect of removing makeup is no worse than that of removing makeup oil. It can dissolve the residual oil on the makeup and make the skin clean again. It can also be used as a drug to remove fat particles from the face. Some female friends often grow fat granules on their faces, which damage their image. They just need to apply glycerin to the fat granules every night. It will not be long before these annoying fat granules will slowly shrink, and finally they can be removed by hand, so as to restore the skin's perfection.