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What fruits are suitable for weight loss? Top 10 fruits to lose weight

If you want to achieve the goal of weight loss by fruit, of course, the answer is yes, but you should also eat fruit scientifically to lose weight. Here are ten kinds of fruit suitable for weight loss, delicious and effective.

10. Kiwifruit

Calories: 56 calories / 100g

Kiwi fruit, also known as Kiwi fruit, is soft in texture and tastes sweet and sour. The taste is described as a mixture of strawberry, banana and pineapple. It is rich in vitamin C, grape acid, fructose, citric acid, malic acid and fat.

Kiwifruit also contains magnesium, which is rare in other fruits. Kiwi fruit is the most suitable diet for beauty loving women. Because it is rich in nutrition but very low in calories, its unique dietary fiber can not only promote digestion and absorption, but also make people feel full. Therefore, kiwi fruit is the best choice to lose weight and give consideration to nutrition.

9. Apple

Calories: 52 calories / 100g

Apple, is a rose Apple subfamily Apple genus plants, its trees for deciduous trees. Apple fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins, is one of the fruits that people often eat.

Apple is rich in essential nutrients, which can meet the normal needs of human body. At the same time, modern medicine has proved that apple can relieve constipation and has a good therapeutic effect on constipation. During the weight loss period, the special substances contained in Apple will make the toxins in the body smoothly discharged, so that it can quickly reduce weight and improve people's physique.

8. Cherry

Calories: 46 calories / 100g

Cherry. Trees, 2-6 meters high, bark gray white. Branchlets grayish brown, twigs green, glabrous or sparsely pilose. Winter buds ovate, glabrous.

Cherries contain anthocyanins, which can burn body fat.

7. Grapes

Calories: 43 calories / 100g

Grape is a woody vine plant, with cylindrical twigs, longitudinal ribs, glabrous or sparsely pilose, oval leaves, dense or scattered panicles, developed branches at the base, spherical or oval fruits, flowering from April to may, and fruiting from August to September.

Grape is a famous fruit. It can be eaten raw or made into raisins and made into wine. After making wine, the wine feet can provide tartaric acid, and the roots and vines can be used medicinally to stop nausea, settle the fetus and lose weight.

6. Banana

Calories: 41 calories / 100g

Banana is widely planted in the tropics. Banana is fragrant and nutritious. The plant is a large herb.

Banana has good digestion and absorption, and can keep energy for a long time. If you only eat bananas dipped in honey, the heat is far lower than the dinner, which can keep you in good shape.

5. Plum

Calories: 36 calories / 100g

Plum is a plum plant in Rosaceae, also known as Bulin, yuhuangli. Its fruit is mature from July to August, full and mellow, exquisite and transparent, beautiful in shape, sweet in taste, and one of the most popular fruits. It is widely cultivated all over the world.

Amino acids such as serine, glycine, proline and glutamine in fresh plum meat have the effect of diuresis and detumescence, and have the auxiliary therapeutic effect on liver cirrhosis.

4. Grapefruit

Calories: 33 calories / 100g

Grapefruit is a kind of fruit, grapefruit, red fruit, taste bitter, astringent, sour, grapefruit to the weight of the same, but also the fruit body shiny skin thin, soft is good. Grapefruit is very rich in vitamin C, which is a fruit with less sugar. It is indispensable for dieters.

3. Pineapple

Calories: 32 calories / 100g

Pineapple is one of the tropical fruits. Fujian and Taiwan are called Wangli or Wanglai (ocirc; ng-l & acirc; I), Xinma is called Huangli, and mainland and Hong Kong are called pineapples. There are more than 70 varieties, one of the four famous fruits in Lingnan.

Pineapple, this fruit can not only lose weight, but also has different effects on health. Pineapple weight loss method is to use pineapple to contain almost all the vitamins and 16 natural minerals needed by the human body, and can effectively help digestion and absorption.

2. Watermelon

Calories: 25 calories / 100g

Watermelon, annual vine; stem, branch thick, with obvious edge.

Watermelon is a summer fruit with sweet pulp, which can cool down and relieve summer heat. The seeds are oily and can be used as recreational food. The peel is used for medicinal purposes, which has the effect of clearing heat, diuresis and lowering blood pressure. Watermelon can improve constipation and thin the whole body.

1. Lemon

Calories: 24 calories / 100g

Lemon, citrus plant of Rutaceae, lemon is also known as Caragana fruit, lemon, Leonurus fruit, etc.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, quinic acid, citric acid, malic acid, hesperidin, naringin, coumarin, high potassium and low sodium, which are very beneficial to human body. Citric acid can inhibit fat accumulation, promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism.