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How to get the Valentine's day fashion after tomorrow

How about the fashion for Valentine's day after tomorrow? Valentine's Day is coming soon. Therefore, after tomorrow, a special fashion for Valentine's Day is also launched, which can be used to increase people's friendliness. There are also many players who don't know how to get Valentine's day fashion.

Valentine's day fashion after tomorrow

As for how to spend Valentine's day on February 14, of course, it's to send flowers.

The end of the day, can not stop the great love of mankind. There is always a softness in everyone's heart. Sometimes that softness will be the reason to live hard. During Valentine's day, you can use rose and that special person to advertise. The other person can choose whether to accept or not. The accused white person will increase the corresponding charm value.

Sometimes success and failure don't matter. To say what you want is the greatest courage given by this festival. During Valentine's day, the charm list will be set according to the charm value.

Survivors in the top ranks of daily charm will receive time limited titles and corresponding rewards. At the end, survivors in the top of the total charm list will be rewarded with permanent titles and festival fashion, and survivors who participate in the advertising will also be rewarded with participation.

Fashion gifts:

On this special day of Valentine's day, lovers' clothes are indispensable. Clothing store manager Nicole decided to go on the new Valentine's day fashion, interested survivors can go to see.

It's said that the gift function will be opened temporarily. Survivors can present valentine's day fashion to their lovers as a Valentine's Day gift. After the gift is successful, they will get a friendly degree.