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Why is Yang Chaoyue hot? That's why

The popularity of rocket girls is not decreasing, and they can always make entertainment headlines, of which Yang Chao is the most prominent, always able to shine in a group of people. But she has no singing skill or dance advantage, but she can succeed than anyone else, which no one expected. So why is Yang Yue so hot? It turns out that's why.

Rocket girl seems to be a talent show with strict requirements for music and dance, but Yang Chaoyue, who is not good at music and dance, is on fire. Especially in the convenience of music, she is not good at running. She often doesn't know where to go. But unlike others, people who don't know music at all have the courage to stand on the same stage with those who have learned music since childhood. Maybe this is her uniqueness, and the simplicity from ordinary people!

Xihong city's richest man is a movie that I think everyone has watched. The box office is also very high. The plot of the movie makes many people laugh. It's really a good movie. Everyone's public praise for the movie is also very good. It's very popular. I don't know if you remember that one of the links in the film is that all the members of creative 101 sang a very popular song "calories" for the film. The whole song is very happy, not to mention the singing skills of each singer, which also contains a lot of rap ingredients. I don't know if you have found out that Yang Chaoyue just sang a sentence, but there's no way. It's just because of this climax that she's more famous. They all think her performance is particularly good. In short, the audience is very optimistic about her and supports her.

This song seems easy to sing, but it's really difficult in practice. There are all kinds of styles and requirements are very strict. It also needs to be sung together with the dance. The difficulty has increased a lot. It's impossible to sing and dance at the same time if you don't have a good background in stage performance or contact for a long time.

Maybe it's because Yang Chaoyue is not ideal in singing, and there is no way to save her. For her who is not good at singing and dancing, she can only reduce her lyrics. The program group is really smart, in order to save this girl from the countryside but with this momentum, she really wanted to break her head before coming up with this way! Perhaps no one thought that people who want to succeed are unstoppable. Even if there is only one lyric, they can sing the whole song as her own song. This ability is impossible for others to compare!

Music is a kind of thing that not everyone can sing. Sometimes when I see the singers singing, I feel that their voices are really very pleasant to listen to. I feel that the voice is so comfortable, and it comes out from the voice of others. It's natural. But I don't know why it's different when I'm here. I feel that every music seems to be against me, and I can't make its sound well, either higher or lower. In a word, you won't let your will do it. Some things can't succeed if you insist on them. Maybe that's the difference between a singer and us. Maybe someone else is a singer, but we are not. Someone else is born with a cell of music. The voice is also born with itself and is given by heaven. We won't be so lucky. We can only be the one who listens to songs under the stage!

Music is what everyone pursues. Although not everyone can achieve this level, as long as we work hard, we will not regret it. Just like Yang Chaoyue, although she knows that she has no talent in music, she can try her best to spell it out. Maybe the ending is something she didn't think of and something we didn't think of. But the love of music is right. At least she has a strong heart. She can boldly pursue what she likes. Although her success is not what we can do, we should learn from her. Have a heart for music!