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Can I have my hair cut on the eighth day of the first month? When can I have my hair cut

When the new year is approaching, everyone will come to the barber's shop in advance to cut their hair, because the traditional saying is that we can't cut our hair in the first month of the new year, which will be bad for our uncle. Some friends ask if we can cut our hair now that it's the eighth day of the new year?

Can I have my hair cut on the eighth day

You can cut your hair. Most areas still have the tradition that you can't cut your hair in the first month. But after so many years, it will change a lot. It's normal. In most places, the custom of "the first month without shaving, the first month without shaving" is popular. This custom originated around the time when the Qing government issued the shaving order in 1644. In fact, this saying is due to the Han people's yearning for the Ming Dynasty and their resistance to the Qing Dynasty, which led to the "nostalgia" becoming the "dead uncle", and the spread of the present custom.

In ancient times, the first month is not suitable for hair cutting, because of the historical background, but now, the tradition of hair cutting can be completely ignored. In the three months of spring, hair should be allowed to grow freely instead of being cut off. The hair should be loosely draped over the shoulders, not tied too tightly. Breaking this rule will hurt your lungs. But if you don't have a haircut all spring and March, people can't stand the problem of long hair, so there are smart people who don't have a haircut in the first month.

When is the best time to cut your hair

In fact, the most important thing is that there is no fixed day, as long as you feel that you can cut your hair, there is no complete taboo. The first one is that it is better not to cut hair in the first month, and the second one is that the head of the second dragon in the second lunar month is suitable for cutting hair (xuanxuetong Fengshui Compass).

Generally, the cut hair, according to the ancient ban, will choose to be buried. It is also for the expectation of the new year. It will be a good expectation. Hideaways usually have their hair cut on the eighth day of every month. Their hair is thrown into the river or burned. Few people throw their hair away from thatched houses, stone sides, and thorny trees. These are special circumstances, and they can't throw their hair away casually. Finally buried in a good Fengshui place, these are not superstitious, there are profound reasons.