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What if iPhone is too expensive? Four tips to help iPhone save power

Some netizens said that their iPhone is inexplicably fast in power consumption. It seems that they haven't used it very much. In the past morning, the phone has consumed a lot of power. Generally speaking, the most scared thing about going out everyday is the lack of power in the mobile phone, which will have a serious impact on our behavior of contacting others, paying, spending time, checking information, etc. Therefore, in addition to maintaining the battery of the mobile phone, it can also turn off some functions that are not needed in daily life. Next, Xiaobian will take stock of these four tips that can help iPhone save power.

Notice of closing unusual app

Mobile app is more and more convenient for everyone's life. No matter in all aspects of life, work, entertainment and learning, everyone is likely to use the app. I believe that there should be various types of apps in the mobile phones of my friends. At the same time, with the dependence on mobile applications, the app will download more and more. But I believe that only a few of these apps are common apps that everyone will use every day, and most of them are only used occasionally or rarely. In fact, these rarely used app notifications are not needed by everyone, and they will quietly take up the power of your mobile phone, so you should start to turn them off.

First of all, turn on the settings of the mobile phone, click on the notification, and close the apps that are not commonly used and do not need to be notified, that is, click on the app to set the status of allowing notifications to be closed. If some apps don't want to receive so many reminders, they can also choose among the lock screen, notification center and banner. Besides, this operation is a proper way to kill two birds with one stone. It can not only save electricity, but also save traffic.

Turn off location services

Closing location service is the same as closing app notification. Many apps will open location by default after downloading. In fact, you don't need to use the positioning app or only use the positioning app when you use it. You can just turn off the positioning app or choose to turn it on during the use period, because turning on the positioning service for a long time will make the mobile phone consume a lot of power in the background.

First, open the mobile settings, click privacy, click location service, and open the app to be set. According to the habit of using the app, it can be set to never or during the application. At the same time, there is a system service at the bottom of the location-based service. After clicking in, you can see multiple options such as location-based Apple ads, location-based advice, location-based reminders, iPhone analysis, etc. in fact, these options do not need much in our daily life, so it is recommended to turn them off. Similarly, shutting down these location-based services is an operation that saves both power and traffic.

Turn off lift wake up

Have you noticed that every time you pick up the iPhone with your hand, the screen will light up automatically? Many iPhone users have said that although it's convenient to view time and information, it's actually a more power consuming operation. First of all, turn on the setting, click the display and brightness, and set the lifting wake-up to off. However, some users said that it's more convenient to turn on the lift wake-up function, while others said that turning on the function will often fail to unlock the face ID, so whether to carry out this operation depends on the personal use habits of the partners.

Turn off background app refresh

After most of the apps are downloaded, the app will be automatically refreshed by default. In fact, this operation not only costs traffic, but also consumes power to a certain extent. For example, some apps that are not commonly used or compared with basic types do not need to be updated automatically all the time, so they can be closed manually.

First, open the settings, click general, and open the background application to refresh. If you haven't set it manually before, you will find that the background application refresh of all apps is open. At this time, you can choose to close the app that doesn't need automatic refresh. If you want to save mobile traffic, you can also click into the background application refresh to select Wi Fi, so that the mobile phone will only update the app when there is WiFi, so as to avoid wasting mobile data.

In fact, these are all easy to do operations, as long as a few simple steps can help the phone avoid unnecessary power waste, so that the phone's daily power is more durable. Now that you've learned all these tips, check to see if your iPhone's power usage has improved a lot.