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Why did Lu Han, Deng Chao and other four quit running? That's the real reason

On February 11, running bar, a variety show of Zhejiang satellite TV, announced in Guanwei that due to personal work arrangements, Deng Chao, Chen he, Wang Zulan and Lu Han, members of the original 'brothers' group, would not be able to participate in the recording of running bar this season. Many netizens are very curious. Why did the big family break up like this? What is the reason for Lu Han, Chen he and Deng Chao to quit the running man team?

Zhu Yawen, Wang Yanlin, Huang XuXi and song Yuqi will partner Li Chen, angelababy and Zheng Kai to form a new 'brotherhood'.

Since the broadcast of running man, Deng Chao, Wang Zulan and Chen he are the ancestors and characters. The reason for quitting now may be because of personal work arrangement, as Guan Xuan said.

Think about it. Today's Deng Chao, Wang Zulan, Chen he and Lu Han are much more powerful than before they took part in running men. As the saying goes, "a small temple can't hold a big Buddha". Now it's better to fly alone.

In addition, there is another link that may be the reason for the four to fly alone. The State Administration of radio, film and television issued a notice on November 9, 2018. The State Administration of radio, film and television requires that all the variety programs broadcast on the Star integrated TV channels from 19:30 to 22:30 should report the names, remuneration, cost proportion and other information of the guests to the State Administration in advance. The total remuneration of all the guests of each program should not exceed 40% of the total program cost, and that of the main guests should not exceed 70% of the total remuneration of the guests. The network variety programs of key network audio-visual program service institutions shall also comply with the above provisions, and the above information shall be reported to the State Administration of radio and television before going online. The management of the guests of the variety show of the terrestrial TV channel and other network audio-visual program service institutions shall comply with the above provisions, and the local competent radio and television department shall be responsible for the record management and daily supervision. The same applies to online dramas and movies. At the same time, SARFT also requires to crack down on false ratings and click through rates.

A notice issued by the State Administration of radio, film and television has cooled the popularity of entertainment and variety shows. It's no longer easy for many stars to make money in the money making field. Presumably, the pay of variety guests will be greatly reduced at this time. Stars who have already built their reputation on the program may want to leave for a new field to develop, and they need to earn more money if they have fame. This is also the time to leave.

'we are family' this is the slogan of the running men's team. No matter how united the team is, there will be a time of parting. At this time, Deng Chao, Chen he, Wang Zulan and Lu Han have left. It's not so strange who will leave the running men's team in the future?

At this time, the editor thought of a sentence: "no forever friend, only forever benefit & hellip; & hellip;"